French TV Invited People With Unusual Laughs to Sit Together and Chaos Ensued

A group of individuals with odd laughs was invited by a French TV program and asked to sit together on stage. The outcome was pretty much what you might expect. You can hardly watch the video without having a few good laughs!

The fantastic title of the episode of C’est Mon Choix is “Mon rire ne passe pas inapercu”, which translates to “my laugh does not go unnoticed,” and it becomes immediately apparent why. One thing that every one of the individuals depicted had in common was their peculiar laughter.

So Many Weird Laughs!

In the video, there appears to be a large number of people sitting on stage in front of a live studio audience; yet, it’s quite difficult to make out anything that’s taking place. This is not only because it’s written in French, but also because the entire segment is punctuated by an unending stream of odd laughing. The laughs include honks, squeaks, shrieks, and even a few snorts like a pig.

It’s Truly Contagious!

The laughs are contagious, which explains why as soon as one person stops laughing, all of the other people quickly start laughing again. Even though she’s trying to interact with a member of the audience, the presenter, Evelyne Thomas, can’t help but let out a somewhat more muted giggle of her own. A recent Internet re-emergence of the segment’s clip resulted in more than 5.6 million views, more than 40,000 tweets, and multiple comments from viewers who were laughing just as loudly as those in the original video.

One viewer’s response to the video was as follows: “Ambulance needed – many ribs cracked, nearly threw up. That is, hands down, without a shadow of a doubt, the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m almost gutted I’ve seen it now, ’cause I know it won’t get any better.”