Amber Riley Shares How She Felt About Her Win on the Masked Singer

Amber Riley was finally able to take off her mask on The Masked Singer season eight finale, after winning the entire season as the Harp. The season premiered on September 21, 2022, and Amber blew fans and the judges away with her powerful and familiar voice.

Amber Riley Was the Harp

Amber Riley Shares How She Felt About Her Win On The Masked Singer

Amber Riley sang classics like “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston and “Gravity” by John Mayer, showing off her impressive range and solidifying herself as the front-runner early on. Speaking during an interview after the finale, Amber said she was relieved to finally be able to answer questions about whether she was the one behind the mask. Her fans knew it was her, thanks to her unmistakable voice, and even Amber knew she couldn’t keep her talent a secret.

Riley said she knew with certainty that Nicole Scherzinger was going to know who she was. She figured maybe not the first night but thought there was no way that she wouldn’t figure things out. She was definitely anticipating that she would be unmasked sooner, and it was always really awkward for her when people would guess who she was, and she had to make sure her body language didn’t let people know that they were right. So, she didn’t want anybody to know it was her, but she was worried her voice was a little too recognizable.

Nicole Scherzinger Surely Recognized Riley

The Masked Singer is a unique and entertaining show that features celebrities hidden under character masks. The celebrities, who may be singers, athletes, actors, or other public figures, perform songs live each week, and the judges deliberate to determine who will be eliminated. In the season finale, Amber Riley, known as the Harp, faced off against Wilson Phillips, who was disguised as the Lambs.

The Masked Singer is a light-hearted and fun show, making it a great choice for family viewers and a good guessing game. The show has certainly provided some hilarious moments, like the singing and dancing of Rob Gronkowski and Adrienne Bailon’s wonderful voice.