Why Andrew Using Eye Drops Has ‘Love Is Blind’ Fans Going Crazy

Andrew Liu

When Andrew Liu put eye drops in to mimic crying after Nancy Rodriguez dumped him, it was one of the craziest moments in Love Is Blind’s history. From the beginning, Andrew had a haughty air about him, droning on and on about his expense accounts and extensive travel, in the pods and confessionals. The woman he connected with, Nancy, seemed to be mentally debating whether to be impressed by his long list of accomplishments or turned off by his conceit. Even though she was drawn to his energy, she didn’t see how she could contribute to his life.

Eye Drops on Love Is Blind

After Nancy declined his proposal, Love Is Blind fans are flipping out about Andrew’s confessional. Andrew feigned being upset after being rejected by asking producers if he could put eye drops in. The fourth wall was broken, which is uncommon for fans to witness, and it was obvious that Andrew didn’t expect that particular section of the conversation to be broadcast. The shock of the refusal was compounded by the realization that Andrew had been deceiving Nancy all along because the edit might have indicated that Nancy would accept Andrew’s proposal.

Love Is Blind
At first, Andrew struck fans as an odd person who didn’t understand that most women wouldn’t want to listen to him talk only about himself. It’s worth considering whether Andrew was playing up this role of a super-sophisticated, well-traveled man for the cameras after his eye-drop prank. He was eager to go on to the next act, but did he intend to accompany Nancy to the alter? Nancy would undoubtedly learn if his lifestyle wasn’t as extravagant as he claimed, once they had the chance to live together.

Andrew Didn’t Know…

Andrew had not previously watched a lot of reality TV because, if he had, he’d have realized the producers would include the eye drop clip. The producers aren’t there to make their candidates appear good, especially if they’re up to something nefarious; they’re there to make good TV. With Andrew, this was undeniably the situation.

Love Is Blind

Deepti Vempati accepted Abishek “Shake” Chaterjee’s marriage proposal from the previous season. It was a clear error, and Shake’s behavior during the rest of the season was not well received by both viewers and his fellow competitors. Love Is Blind lovers were satisfied this time around. They witnessed someone acting foolish, but they didn’t have to be concerned about Nancy being duped by a man who was only after fame. Nancy’s choice of replacement for Andrew is unfortunate because he isn’t any better.