Andy Cohen Finally Comments on Lizzy Savetsky’s Exit from RHONY

Fans of Real Housewives of New York (or RHONY) can no longer watch one of their favorites. Shockingly, Elizabeth Savetsky has exited the show. What’s even more surprising, however, is that Andy Cohen waited not a week or two but several months before commenting on the matter. He announced the new cast during BravoCon 2022, adding that the new group will carry the show to a new era.

Andy Cohen Finally Comments on Lizzy Savetsky’s Exit from RHONY

Andy Cohen Speaks Out

The new season of RHONY is already in production. And it seems it won’t feature much loved Lizzy Savetsky. Apparently, the public figure has been receiving threats and hateful comments on social media from the moment her participation in the show was announced.

Bravo has confirmed that she won’t be a part of the show after all. Andy Cohen has finally confirmed the rumors, but he doesn’t seem pleased with the decision. He says he’s recently spoken out against those threats. The response he’s received, however, was more than alarming. The Bravo boss believes that things have gotten even worse with social media platforms.

More on the Show’s Announcement

Earlier this year, Andy Cohen announced that the RHONY show shall be divided in two. The first one will get to keep the title and include an all-new cast. The second one, on the other hand, will feature former stars. The final 13th season of the show wasn’t promising. But now Cohen says this new direction will be a great gift for all fans.

The upcoming 14th season promises to give fans exactly what they want. Many of them have been saying that they need more diversity in the show. So, the upcoming season will provide just that. In a recent statement, Cohen said that the new season is the most diverse, energetic, and multicultural group of people who’ll best reflect the country’s most exciting city.