Wild Card Jordan Conley Talks About Disney-Inspired AGT Comedy Set

As season 17 of America’s Got Talent draws to a close, people can think back on all the thoroughly entertaining acts they got to enjoy over the past several weeks. Among the more memorable ones are certainly the comedy sets performed by Jordan Conley. Lively, funny, and engaging, his jokes seemed to sit well with the crowd and the AGT judges alike.

Wild Card Jordan Conley Talks About Disney-Inspired AGT Comedy Set
An Inspiring Comedy Set

During the fifth week of the 17th season of AGT, viewers and judges got to see the final 11 that made it to the stage from the auditions. After beating out three other nominees for the spot, Jordan Conley was dubbed the wild card winner. He was the only comedian of the night and both the judges and the audience enjoyed his Disney-inspired set. All the 90’s kids in the audience were certainly rejoicing while listening to joke after joke referencing iconic Disney characters and lines.

The Only Comedian of the Evening

If done right, humor can certainly bring people together, lift spirits, and liven up any atmosphere. With only three minutes to wow the crowd and judges, Conley managed to do just that and prove to the voters that they made the right choice picking him as the wild card contestant. His natural charisma and talent for comedy quickly led to plenty of laughs. The set really took off, though, when the Disney section started.

Conley Broke Down the References After the AGT Performance

As so many people grew up watching Disney, the references in Conley’s comedy set were relatable and tugged on people’s sense of nostalgia. After that AGT performance, the comedian broke down the set that included a shoutout to the Lion King, Aladdin, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and Toy Story. Given the time constraints of the performance, some characters and references Jordan wanted to include had to be left out. After the performance, he told the press that he wanted to find a way to fit Mushu from Mulan into the set but there simply wasn’t time.