Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Wants to Work out With Henry Cavill

Dwayne, ‘The Rock,’ Johnson

After the immensely confusing Justice League, the future of the Man of Steel seemed cloudy, but Cavill has now formally announced that he would once again be donning the iconic Superman red cape in a future installment of DC’s larger film universe. Because of Henry Cavill’s hardcore workout regime, the Rock said that he wanted them two to spend time together in the gym.

Superman & Black Adam

Henry Cavill made an unannounced appearance as Superman in a post-credits sequence at the close of Black Adam, the standalone movie starring Dwayne Johnson, which was itself an offshoot of Shazam. After the decisive battle in the movie, in which Black Adam announced that he would be the new guardian of the Kahndaq realm, Superman turned there to confront the antihero, which set the stage for an epic battle between the two characters in the future.

The Rock Dropping Hints!

While promoting the movie, the Rock dropped a few hints about the possibility of a conflict between Black Adam and Superman before it became publicly known that Cavill would be returning to the DCEU. He stated that the two would “definitely” fight, but added that the conflict would only endure for “just a second” since in the end, he wanted to see the two characters work together.

Cavill’s Training Philosophy

The Rock also expressed his admiration for Cavill’s “very demanding” training philosophy and exercise routine, as well as his desire for Cavill to join him at his Iron Paradise facility for a superhuman workout. Because they have both worked with strength and conditioning coach Dave Rienzi to increase their muscle mass and raise their power while simultaneously reducing body weight, the two of them may work out together in the real world.