Jamie Lee Curtis “Would Love” to Work With Lindsay Lohan Again

Ever since it first aired back in 2003, Mark Waters’ adaptation of Freaky Friday became a massive hit. The dynamic mother-daughter duo that swaps bodies, played by Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan, stole viewers’ hearts. Fans have been hoping for a sequel, and now that Lohan is back on screen, things are looking up. Curtis herself said that she’d “love nothing more” than to work with Lohan again.

Jamie Lee Curtis
Exciting News From Jamie Lee Curtis

When they met on the set of Freaky Friday, Curtis and Lohan instantly bonded, and the two actresses have stayed in touch ever since. Earlier this month, the Halloween star attended the Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery premiere in LA. There, she spoke to the media about a possible sequel to the hit 2003 movie, saying that “there’s a lot of good talk going on.”

What Would the Sequel Look Like?

Jamie Lee Curtis has long talked about wanting to share the screen with Lindsay Lohan again, especially as a sequel to their iconic mother-daughter body-swap movie. When asked what a possible sequel to Freaky Friday would look like, Curtis said she’d love to play an “old grandma” that gets to switch bodies with her daughter (a.k.a. Lohan). That way, Lindsay can see what it’s like to be a fun, older woman who is still happy with her husband (played by Mark Harmon).

An image from 'Freaky Friday' (2003)

So, while Lohan gets to be a hot grandma, Curtis would love to see what it would be like to “deal with toddlers today” and be a “helicopter parent” as an old lady. Curtis first pitched her idea about the sequel in October, and it seems like Lohan totally supports the idea.

Lindsay Lohan Is on Board

As Lohan is currently promoting her first Christmas movie, Falling for Christmas, she recently sat down with Jimmy Fallon to talk about her career revival and future plans. When asked about a possible reunion with Jamie Lee Curtis for Freaky Friday 2, she shared that she’d definitely be “into it.” The two actresses had, in fact, been talking about it for a while and are both on board for a possible sequel.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan on the red carpet

The reason so many people are rooting for a Freaky Friday sequel is not only the movie’s comedic storyline but also the great chemistry between Curtis and Lohan. Despite Lohan moving to a new country (she’s currently living in Dubai with her husband), the two stars never lost touch. And, Curtis is particularly proud of how far Lindsay has come and how much she has grown.