Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker Back Together – Get All the Details

The American model and media personality, Kendall Jenner was in a two-year relationship with the Phoenix Suns player, Devin Booker. The couple recently hit a rough patch and took some time apart. However, a source close to the supermodel told E! News that the high-profile couple was back together.

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker Back Together - Get All the Details

Sources Say the Couple Is Back Together

The source that spoke to E! News revealed that Kendall and Devin have reconciled, resolved their differences, and decided to move forward with their relationship. Word has it that Devin accompanied Kendall as her date to her friend Lauren’s wedding that took place in Napa throughout the weekend. Back, at the time when the couple hit a rough patch, the source claims that both of them were hoping to make it work and reconcile.

The Reunion Was Hinted on Kendall Jenner’s Instagram

On July 17th, Kendall Jenner posted a story to her Instagram account that hinted that she and Devin might be getting back together. The post was a mirror photograph of Kendall in a formal dress with a man in a suit behind her with one hand placed on her hip. Only weeks before that, the couple was seen in the Hamptons together at a Fourth of July party, during which Kendall spent a lot of time holding on to Devin’s arm, having a good time, according to E! News sources.

Devin Booker

Booker’s Take on Things

Although Devin rarely comments on his relationship with Kendall Jenner, he did so earlier this year. The basketball star was asked in a Wall Street Journal interview if it was difficult having such a spotlight on his and Kendall’s Relationship. Devin responded honestly that he didn’t find it difficult and that he was enjoying life fully. The NBA player also said that he felt like he was in a good place, surrounded by friends and family that he loves, and appreciating the chance to make an impact on the world and the younger generations who look up to him.