Margot Robbie Claims to Be “Mortified” by Viral Barbie Set Photos

You’re likely aware of the Margot Robbie-starring Barbie movie unless you’ve been offline for a few months. Although Greta Gerwig’s next film’s specific plot details are being kept under wraps, set images have given potential viewers plenty of glimpses into the production. The pictures, some of which had Ryan Gosling, who plays Ken, dressed in colorful attire, quickly gained popularity online. While many people enjoyed the images online, Robbie was “mortified.”

Margot Robbie Claims to Be “Mortified” by Viral Barbie Set PhotosFans Are Crazy About Her

The photos from the Barbie set generated a flood of memes from social media users, each allegedly smarter than the previous. People would think it’d be simple to ignore how those engaged in the production would feel about the images being given all that publicity. On The Tonight Show, with Jimmy Fallon, where she was promoting her most recent movie, Amsterdam, Margot Robbie talked openly about the images. She admitted that while she and Ryan Gosling’s characters appeared to be having a great time, she was feeling differently.

Ryan Gosling spoke candidly about becoming Internet famous for his abs earlier this summer. The actor offered some playful remarks, claiming that the web has been attempting to destroy him for years and that he “had no other alternative” except to repay the favor. His spouse and children’s mother, Eva Mendes, has embraced his new appearance.

People Can’t Wait for Barbie

Before the debut of Barbie, Margot Robbie can undoubtedly rely on that type of fervent fan support. Before any of us see what Greta Gerwig has in store, it’ll take some time, but considering her past performances, the wait will be well worth it. Send some love to the cast as you wait for more sneak peeks!

Barbie is one of the most anticipated movies due out in 2023, which will debut on July 21 of that year.