NCIS: Hawaii Star Vanessa Lachey Talks About Her Kids and Representation

After the success of CBS’ NCIS: Hawaii, the show’s star Vanessa Lachey is now preparing for the second season. Being the first female lead in the NCIS series franchise is no small feat for Lachey, and she has plenty to celebrate! The actress recently opened up about how her kids reacted when they saw her on the show for the first time and what an eye-opening moment that was for female representation.

NCIS: Hawaii Star Vanessa Lachey
The First Female SAC of the NCIS: Hawaii Team

In the hit series, Lachey portrays Special Agent in Charge, Jane Tennant, the first ever SAC of the Hawaii team. In a franchise that had been headlined by men ever since its creation two decades ago, getting to be the first female lead was a big deal for Lachey. However, it wasn’t until she saw her kids’ reaction that it truly hit her what her role meant not just for her children but “for all the girls and all the boys, too.” For “anybody that feels different.”

Vanessa Lachey in a scene from NCIS: Hawaii

Lachey recalled that her kids saw her as the “literal Wonder Woman” after seeing their mother star in NCIS: Hawaii. This eye-opening experience mattered beyond the actress’ family, it was an important moment for TV as well.

The Impact of Playing Jane Tennant

Although the show’s target audience isn’t exactly little boys and girls, it was clear from the get-go that Jane Tennant has a much larger impact than anticipated. The show quickly became a hit, and CBS was quick to order a full first season thanks to the millions of people tuning in to watch.

the main cast of NCIS: Hawaii

Her success with NCIS: Hawaii “means that we’re moving in the right direction” in terms of what’s on TV these days, says Lachey who feels honored that she gets to be part of representing her ethnicity on screen. The show’s second season is set to premiere this September 19th on CBS.