The Assassin’s Creed TV Show Has Received a Surprising Update

The Assassin’s Creed video games franchise is among the most successful ones and is beloved by many fans. It debuted in 2007 with a genre-bending combination of science fiction and historical epic and after becoming immensely popular and getting several sequels, it was announced that the concept will be made for a TV or movie adaptation. So, in 2016, a movie based on the franchise hit the big screen only to flop badly. Later, Netflix announced its own adaptation and after two years of development, the series is still in its early phase.

The Assassin's Creed TV Show Has Received a Surprising Update

Assassin’s Creed Netflix Series First Announced in 2020

It was in 2020 when the first reports that Netflix and video game developer Ubisoft were partnering on a live-action series based on the Assassin’s Creed franchise came in. The next year, it was announced that writer Jeb Stuart was being brought on as showrunner. Since then, there hasn’t been much news about the show and recently, series producer Marc-Alexis Côté said that while the show was still clearly happening, it hadn’t moved much. Apparently, it is still in early development but, according to Côté, the partnership between Netflix and Ubisoft Film & Television was going great and the series was going to be an epic, genre-bending, live-action adaptation of the video game series.

Assassin’s Creed Series Is Still Getting Made

While many fans were relieved to hear that the show was still in development, it was strange that the show was still so early in its production cycle. So far, there’s nothing that can really be said about what it is and the entire development process has clearly been a slow one so far. It’s likely that during the initial announcement of the show, the deal had just been signed and things might have not moved forward at all before Jeb Stuart was hired last year.

Still, moving slowly is not necessarily a bad sign. After all, when Assassin’s Creed was adapted for the big screen, it felt rushed and boring. While the lack of movement around the production could be read as a lack of interest, that doesn’t seem to be the case. After all, in addition to the news around the series, it was also announced that Netflix and Ubisoft were working together on three mobile games, with one of those being based on Assassin’s Creed.