Gilmore Girls’ Scott Patterson and Chad Michael Murray Reunite

Scott Patterson posing as Luke from Gilmore Girls

If you’re not a hardcore Gilmore Girls fan, you may have missed that before he found himself in an iconic love triangle in One Tree Hill, actor Chad Michael Murray slipped into the shoes of bad boy Tristan for 11 episodes as Rory’s sort-of love interest. Unlike Tristan, however, Scott Patterson’s Luke is definitely one of the most memorable characters in the show (Lorelai’s one and only, ahem). Now that the two actors are co-starring on a different project, it was time for a reunion photo which the two kindly provided.

A Nostalgic Reunion Photo

What happens when you put Scott Patterson and Chad Michael Murray together? You get a nostalgic Gilmore Girls reunion photo, of course… plus a battle of the beards. In the caption, Petterson asked fans a very important question — who would win “at Sullivan’s Crossing Annual Grey vs Blonde Homecoming event,” pointing to his gray-ish and Murray’s blonde hair.

Scott Petterson and Chad Michael Murray selfie

Judging by people’s responses, it seems like Team Scott is winning, although to be fair, he was the one who posted the photo. The caption is both a hint at their characters, Tristan and Luke, and a peek behind the scenes of their upcoming CTV original series together.

The Former Gilmore Girls Stars Reunite for a New TV Project

Although they didn’t get to share much screen time when they were on Gilmore Girls, there’s good news for all Patterson and Murray fans out there. The duo is set to star in CTV’s original series, titled Sullivan’s Crossing. The series will follow neurosurgeon Maggie Sullivan who leaves her personal and professional life in the city behind after a scandal and goes back to her small hometown to reconnect with the past.

The original cast of Gilmore Girls

As for the rest of the Gilmore Girls cast, it seems they still keep in touch. The series continues to be one of the most beloved dramedies and is currently available on Netflix.