Jenna Ortega Admits She Did Not Have the Iconic Wednesday Dance Planned

The Addams Family was about your classic family who just hated anything that was wholehearted and light, but it was probably among the best comedy sitcoms of its time. It ran for 64 episodes and showed the life of a family of four including the young daughter, Wednesday Addams. Nowadays the hit show has a spinoff everyone’s wild about!

Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams

Now, in 2022, the original show has been remade into a TV series, following the story of the young daughter whom the show is named after. The cast has certainly changed, and former Disney star, Jenna Ortega plays the gloomy daughter. She has to deal with school and other kids who do not share her passion for darkness.

Jenna’s Dance Goes Viral

A very iconic dance from season one of the hit series, Wednesday, has gone viral because Ortega plays the part oh so well and hits the dance moves just right. The interesting part is that Jenna didn’t even have a plan for the dance. She was feeling down at the time of filming and had just two days to prepare – but she was perfect in every way, and right on the mark!

Jenna Ortega Admits She Did Not Have Iconic Wednesday Dance Planned

Great Combo With Gaga’s Song

The dance was performed to The Cramps’ “Goo Goo Muck” in the hit series, however, it went extremely viral when fans paired it with Lady Gaga’s “Bloody Mary” on social media. Jenna’s moves combined perfectly with the hit song – even the singer herself was taken with Ortega and her dance moves as Wednesday Addams.

The new hit series, Wednesday, aired on the 16th of November, and fans can enjoy a new take on an old tale. It has the same dark comedy as its predecessor and beautiful acting by the cast – mainly, the girl of the hour – Jenna Ortega!