Netflix Canceled Yet Another Show in the Middle of Production

Not so long ago, receiving a series order from a major streaming provider like Netflix meant that one’s program would go into production and secure a future release date. Unfortunately, things no longer seem to be 100% sure until they’ve been out for a week and have merchandise available at Target. This is the case with the canceled animated comedy Bad Crimes, starring Nicole Byer and Lauren Lapkus.

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The Executive Producers of the Sitcom

Nicole Silverberg, a former writer for Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, and co-creators Mike Judge and Greg Daniels of King of the Hill are the brains behind the 10-episode first season of Bad Crimes, which was first ordered to series back in January. Both Judge and Daniels, who both co-created Beavis & Butthead and its recent resurrection, and Silverberg, Byer, and Lapkus, who are perhaps best known for The Office, were slated to executive produce the new sitcom.

Beavis & Butthead

Netflix has cut quite a few projects so far this year, including the legendary animated comedy The Midnight Gospel, the bizarre sci-fi thriller Archive 81, and other genre offerings like Resident Evil and First Kill. Canceling the series appears to be the streaming giant’s go-to strategy for 2022. And that has previously occurred with a show that was still in the development stage. The first major adaptation of Jeff Smith’s influential comic series Bone was canceled, which may have been the largest case for an animated production and prompted Smith to respond admirably at the time. But astonishingly, Netflix also shelved the Grendel comic adaptation, which had already wrapped up production when the bad news broke.

Netflix Is Canceling So Many Shows!

When filming for the most recent batch of Nailed It! Halloween episodes had to be stopped because of crew members leaving the set earlier this year, Nicole Byer was already at the center of production concerns at Netflix. The four episodes that were shot in October 2022 were made available on the service.

Therefore, even if subscribers to Netflix won’t be able to watch Bad Crimes, it’s hoped that someone else will step up and prevent the show from ending up in the proverbial slammer.