‘You’ Season 4 Is Split Into Two Parts, Fans Need Time to “Process It”

The brilliant show You, which is streamed on Netflix, has had its future season divided into two parts, and the show’s creator has explained why they made that decision. This is done because it is believed that the viewers will need time to process it.

You Season 4 Is Split Into Two Parts; Fans Need Time to “Process It”

Meet Professor Jonathan Moore!

As a teaser for the upcoming fourth season of You, the show’s writer, Sara Gamble, revealed a few intriguing glimpses and insights. She disclosed that the subsequent installment will be divided into two sections to provide spectators with some breathing room. In a post that was published on Instagram after Netflix’s fan event Tudum (get it? It’s the sound that Netflix makes). Gamble revealed that fans will likely enjoy a bit of a break from Joe, who will also be known as Professor Jonathan Moore in season four.

Gamble ensured multiple times that people should trust her when she said that people would need some time to process it and maybe a few friendly bets about where all characters are going. Fans can wait for the premiere of the new season.

You Season 4 Looks Promising!

Joe explains that he has “gone through a little of polishing since crossing the pond” in the teaser trailer. It would appear that Joe is capitalizing on his wide knowledge of literature (especially considering that most people are skeptical that he would be permitted to teach his other hobbies). He also says that he is focusing on instruction and academia while keeping his typical extracurricular activities professional.

After seeing the video, fans will want to wish each other “cheerio” before boarding a double-decker bus and traveling through the jolly old streets of London. However, there is one point that can’t be disputed. Joe Goldberg is well on his way to becoming Jack the Ripper’s successor as London’s most notorious nighttime stalker.