1950s Hollywood Scandals

Hollywood became wound up in scandals, and without the social media platforms, we have today Hollywood in the 1950s was still able to surface its spicy lives and scandalous ways. Scandals that made headlines in the 1950’s was that of:

Ingrid Bergman’s affair

Ingrid was a Swedish actress that held beauty, but that was stained when she had the affair with a director known as Roberto Rossellini. Both parties were already married, and Ingrid had a daughter with her current husband. Soon enough a love child was born between Bergman and Rossellini and the divorce followed soon after between Ingrid and her husband.Not long after the divorce Rossellini and Bergman had married, but it soon became an international love scandal. This took its toll on Ingrid’s film career. The couple went on to have two other children but then divorced around the mid 50’s. Most of the scandal eventually blew over with Bergman’s career growing up again and earnt her another academy award.

Charlie Chaplin’s obsession with young girls

Charlie Chaplain was looked upon as innocent with his persona in the silent films.Charlie had a scandal of his own with his lust for young woman.When Charlie married his wife of only 16, he was 29 years old, and the marriage certainly did not last long.Not long after he was apparently wed to another 16-year-old girl after her pregnancy.Once again this marriage also didn’t last, and it soon surfaced with claims from this second wife that he was forcing her to have an abortion.

This was a scandal that affected Charlie’s career, but this did not stop him from marrying twice more with young teenagers. The fourth one was to an 18year old girl when he was in his 50’s. Charlie was known for his sexual deviances and flirty ways with the younger girls, but it seems the fourth one might have been the catch, he stayed with her until he died.

Elizabeth Taylor’s many lovers

Elizabeth Taylor is known for her various marriages eight in fact. Two were to the same man, but there is more to her than the large number of lovers she had.In the 1950’s the Hollywood actress lost her third husband to a plane crash, he was director Mike Todd. After his death It was said that she went on to have an affair with his best friend Eddie Fisher who was married to Debbie Reynold at the time.The marriage was divorced when she left Eddie for Richard Burton.Debbie Reynolds was a long-time friend of Taylor’s, so this hit the news screens of another 1950’s Hollywood scandal.

Hollywood is known for its scandals, and there is always some sort of gossip flying around about the celebrities. Hollywood was the place everything was happening, and everyone dreamed of being a celebrity in Hollywood. Certainly, more of the dark side happened behind the scenes rather than that of what was happening on the screen.Hollywood is still full of scandalous acts and gossip, and we often see celebrities have their time of fame, their time for scandals then someone else comes to the surface to be the next Hollywood scandal.