3 Popular Films Inspired By Magazine Articles

We are well aware of the movies inspired by books, comics, and novels. In fact, it’s quite common these days. But there are plenty of movies that got inspiration from magazine articles! From Oscar winner Dallas Buyers Club to fan-favorite Fast and Furious franchise, we have seen viewers digging these magazine-inspired movies.

The list is surprisingly huge. But, today, we would look into the most noteworthy ones – the big three.

Dallas Buyers Club

Matthew McConaughey’s stellar performance as an AIDS patient in the movie stole everyone’s heart. Dallas Buyers Club tells the tale of Ron Woodroof, an AIDS patient who finds a banned drug to have a prolonged life. Later, he forms a club to distribute the smuggled drug for other AIDS patients.

3 Popular Films Inspired By Magazine Articles

The movie slaps the FDA and big pharmaceuticals in many ways. The viewers and the critics praised the movie highly for the bold messages. However, you need to thank Bill Minutaglio, the journalist and author from Dallas Morning News. He, himself, uncovered the whole news in his groundbreaking article titled “Buying Time.”

Both McConaughey and co-star Jared Leto won the Academy Awards for their mind-boggling performance. Dallas Buyers Club bagged a total of six Academy Awards. The movie didn’t only receive glorification from the Academy Awards but from every other organization. Certainly, 91 nominations and 53 awards can tell you the depth of this movie.

The Fast and The Furious

The Fast and Furious franchise is one of the most successful movie franchises ever. This franchise of eight films earned about $5.89 billion worldwide. The whole madness started from the first movie The Fast and The Furious. The fans almost always say the first movie was the best one ever made.

3 Popular Films Inspired By Magazine Articles

The thing is, the movie got inspired by a Vibe magazine article published in 1998. The author, Kenneth LiRafael, discussed the late ’90s illegal street racing activities of New York in his article “Racer X.”

Gary Scott Thompson came up with the marvelous story that Rob Cohen later turned into a masterpiece. The movie was so popular and successful that the producers couldn’t stop making a new “fast movie” every few years.

Top Gun

Tom Cruise emerged as a hotshot action star from the remarkable film Top Gun. The charisma of Tom Cruise worked like
magic. Asa result, Top Gun grossed over $353 million worldwide. This is a huge deal for a 1986 movie.

3 Popular Films Inspired By Magazine Articles

But only a few people know that the movie is inspired by a magazine article published in 1983. Ehud Yonay, a journalist from California magazine, wrote a piece “Top Guns.” The article glorifies the fighter pilots from Miramar Naval Air Station. Miramar is also known as Fightertown USA.