4 TV Comedies For People in their 20s

Viewers can relate better to diverse TV shows. They are looking to feel identity with the main character. For young people, diversity and honesty is truly important. This demographic is trying to find the voice that speaks directly to their issues.

Some TV shows fail to capture what is like to be young in the modern era. The way young people sort through adulthood and find love is different, thanks to the technology. Only a few shows are capable of reaching to young people with an honest voice.

Comedy is the best way to reach this group and the shows on this list achieve that. These comedies are some of the best modern shows any young person can enjoy.

Man Seeking Woman

Written and directed by a former Saturday Night Live writer, Man Seeking Woman is an honest look into everyone’s love life. Josh, played by Jay Baruchel, is a young man living in Vancouver trying to get his life together. Recently dumped by his girlfriend and stuck on a dead end job, Josh has given up in life.

Through all the 3 seasons, we see Josh struggle with his family’s expectations, friends that are even more stuck and failed relationships. The show is sometimes absurd but these situations are metaphors to better explain life.

Man Seeking Woman finished after 3 seasons, the show can be found online.

Broad City

No other TV show has a better portrayal of what is like to be young in New York City. This show follows the story of Abbi and Ilana, two friends that are trying to figure out adulthood. They explore the city and go through heartbreaks, disappointments and lot of crazy situations.

This is a show that anyone that loves comedy should watch. Broad City started as a show on Youtube and Amy Poehler took it to Comedy Central. It recently finished its fourth season, there is no better show to binge watch than Broad City.


Another show that started on Youtube. Insecure explores the lives of two friends, Issa and Molly are two black females on their late 20s. The show explore their balance between love and promising careers, racial issues and the general awkwardness of life.

The show has two finished seasons and was renewed for a third one on HBO. Insecure has been highly praised for its honesty and excellent writing. This show is a guaranteed laugh.

Master of None

Aziz Anzari is better known for his role as Tom Daverford on Parks and Recreation. This time, he decided to write his own show with a Hindu guy as the male leader. Dev Shah is a young actor living in New York City and obsessed with pasta. He has an overall good life but his love life is not exactly great.

On the show he goes through different situations. They reflect about love, friendship, racial identity, religion, sexuality and the relationship with their families. This award winning show is now available on Netflix. It has 2 complete seasons and the third one is on production.