5 Coolest Animals on TV ever

Who doesn’t love animals? It’s obvious they add a lot more emotion and levity to the TV shows, movies and drama serials. Be it cats or dogs or monkeys or even horses, animals always make movies a lot more interesting. There is actually no better way to spice up a movie which is also cheap other than adding some animal characters in it. Simple thing is, animals always make things twice as better. And in this article, you can see a list of the most entertaining animals that have popped up in serials and made a mark on the hearts of the watchers. Pick your favorite and let us know!

Lassie from the serial Lassie:

Although the plot of the movie in which the dog Lassie was a superstar is quite simple, it was quite the show to watch. Every time the careless Timmy would get himself into trouble, Lassie was there to save the day. There was just something the courageous dog getting him out of trouble that was totally heart-warming. It was a very good tactic to get the people’s mind away from the sensations of the cold war and it indeed worked. The reason is that even though it aired around 1954, it is still a legendary classic.

Rex from the movie Inspector Rex:

Yes, this totally exists! Inspector Rex stars the amazing German Shepherd Rex in his adventures in saving the day with the police department. Throughout the series, Rex dealt with all sorts of criminals, masterminds and murder scenes with his police owners and helped them solved the cases. What was not to love about this show and this adorable German Shepherd! He is just a super weapon for the police department throughout the series, as he actually is able to do everything for his partners.

The Chick and Duck from the serial Friends:

After the riddance of the monkey Marcel done by, Friends spiced up their super-entertaining series with a chick and a duck. This just added tons of more humor and spark to the series, when they were added in the third season of the show. They’re adopted by Joey and Chandler and these birds just made the whole drama loads of fun, until their disappearance in the sixth season.

Salem from the TV series Sabrina the Teenage Witch:

Putting aside everything about Sabrina the Teenage Witch series that is absolutely witchy and magical, Salem just adds to its humor and fun being a cat that could talk. Salem is Sabrina’s cat, who is actually a warlock sentenced to 100-year prison within a feline’s body for his misdeeds. The graphics used to portray him talking might not be so realistic, but they just make the show more fun in a way the human cast could not do.

Kitty Kat from The Addams Family:

A character that rivals Salem, Sabrina’s cat, is the large lion, Kitty Kat, a pet of the Addams family. He wanders around in their spacious mansion and added a new vibe to the show. They used footages of real lions over and over and he didn’t do much, but just the idea of a goth family having lion has a pet is already legendary.