5 most famous animals from Hollywood

The bond between a pet and its owner cannot be explained by most people. Humans are prone to get attached to a few animals in this world because there is an inborn feeling to accept the love of an innocent animal that gives you unconditional love. While some animals cannot be trained most of them are very well trained and are on the big screen because their discipline paid off. Some have even been features in more than just one film. This shows just how good these animal actors can be! Below is a list of some of the best in the business.

Training a dolphin is not the easiest task but one dolphin named Suzie starred in the TV show flipper where she was the main character. This dolphin acted as the sort of pet for a few Florida teenagers. The show follows the crew as they tackle their life and issues. Flipper is one of the shows that showed how intelligent the dolphins can be in real life.

This is one of the most famous dogs from all of Hollywood. Benji was discovered at a shelter by a Hollywood trainer and ended up being in more than 63 episodes in a TV show. Benji was a mixed breed dog that was so smart they let him star in his own show named Benji. Several films were released after that but the role was played by Benji’s daughter.

This is one of the monkeys’ that features in one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. The star on the hit show friends is one of the best examples of how to integrate an animal as part of the plot. Marcel only played in one season and then left for good. In that one season marcel was part of the crew and made many memorable episodes some of your favorite moments from this show may have been based on him.

No animal start can beat the record when it comes to continuity. Lassie was a famous dog star that starred in 11 movies. The rough collie that played the part of Lassie in the movies was named Pal and features in the films until 1975. The descendants of Pal played the part of lassie in the future productions.

In all of the adaptations of the famous Tarzan film the child that grows into a young man to be the king of the jungle is accompanied by a friend. This friend though named cheetah is a monkey that is full of wit and fun moments in the film. A companion for the then lonely king.

Though these animals cannot communicate directly they helped to create unforgettable memories in the hearts of many viewers.