5 Movies That Accurately Predicted The Future

Albert Einstein, the genius, once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” What we imagine today can be a thing in the future. That’s why Sci-Fi movie genre is so important in our lives. They give us a hint of how the future world might look like.
You might think that Sci-Fi movies can’t predict the future – they are fiction! Yes, true, but a lot of those fictions have already turned into reality!

Here’s a list of five movies that accurately predicted future technology.

Back to the Future 2 (1989) – Personal Wearables

VR goggles or VR headsets are one of the most interesting inventions of modern technology. Now, we can live in a digital world and explore artificial realities. The funny thing is that Back to the Future 2 has already envisioned this device in 1989. In 1989, even a stable enough internet connection or smartphones were nothing but fiction.

5 Movies That Accurately Predicted The Future

However, Back to the Future 2 predicted that personalized wearables would dominate our daily lives in the future. Today we can see devices like a smartwatch, Google Glass, Oculus, and Fitbits already doing that.

Total Recall (1990) – Full Body Scanners

Nowadays, we see full-body scanners in malls, airports, and many other places. It’s so common that we sometimes forget that it was an unimaginable device even a few decades back.

5 Movies That Accurately Predicted The Future

When people saw Arnold Schwarzenegger going through a full-body scanner, they have never imagined that it would soon be a common reality.

Blade Runner (1982) – Video Calling

Blade Runner series is well-known for imagining a dark, grim future of despair. Still, Ridley Scott has brought a number of futuristic devices to the audience.

5 Movies That Accurately Predicted The Future

One of the most intriguing devices that the movie shows are video calling devices. With Skype and FaceTime being so intricate part of our lives that we sometimes forget that people in the early ‘80s could only see it as a magical device.

Running Man (1987) – Reality TV

It was but a dream for our older generations to see themselves in a television show. They thought only TV stars or film stars had the luxury of being in a TV show.

5 Movies That Accurately Predicted The Future

Then came Running Man in 1987, where Arnold Schwarzenegger got to a TV show as a common person. The movie predicted that the entertainment industry would soon bring common people in front of the camera. MTV soon picked up the idea and brought The Real World to us.

Minority Report (2002) – Targeted Advertising

Steven Spielberg is one of the Sci-Fi geniuses of our time. Minority Report is a mix of a dystopian and utopian world where big corporations use targeted advertising to appeal to the common customers.

5 Movies That Accurately Predicted The Future

Even the writers of the movie didn’t predict that the idea would come to life so soon. They thought it would take at least a few decades for the trend to become a reality.
Just after a few years, it became a reality. Now we see social media platforms and internet giants pushing personalized advertising to force us to buy products or services that interest us only.