5 Things That You Can Learn From Indian TV Serials

India is one of the biggest entertainment consumers. The film industry in that country earns millions every year. Those numbers could be compared to Hollywood and the numbers would be even. Indian studios not only produce movies but also TV serials.

Many criticize these because the plots into some common places. The plots are not as complex as the audience would like and for some reason, death characters always come back to life. Despite some plot issues, Indian TV serials can teach international audiences some lessons.


Historical serials are based on the rich traditions and history from this country. These serials follow the stories of many conquerors, warriors and brave men and women. Without their contribution, India wouldn’t be what it is in the present. The traditions are based on the tales from many centuries before. Those same tales are made into serials that all audiences can enjoy.

Social Issues

There are some Indian serials that talk in depth about social issues in modern India. Discrimination based on the social status, child labor and child marriage are some of the issues these serials handle. These shows attempt to create a collective conscience and make a change in a society that tends to ignore the problems. Serials try to avoid topics that serious but those that are brave enough, create incredible content with strong messages.

General Knowledge

Different game shows is the result of a large entertainment industry. India has some great game shows on air that teach the audience a little bit of general knowledge. These contest with large prices encourage the smartest people to participate weekly.


Foreigners that watch TV serials will be exposed to the culture. Even the most cliché soap operas have scenes on temples and talk about situations like arrange marriages. It may not be an accurate representation of the Indian culture but it is a good start if the watcher does not know anything.

They audience will learn a little about traditions, religion, habits and the language.


Critics can say whatever they want about the plots but the fashion on these shows is impeccable. The characters wear complicated and beautiful pieces on every episodes. Indian women do not dress like those characters on a daily basis but that wardrobe shoes exactly the potential of the Indian fashion.

TV is a form of art and part of the Indian culture. Those that criticize these serials are hiding behind a screen and are not proposing a solution. The first step could be to stop putting the Indian serials down and start appreciating the advances.

International audience that enjoy Indian TV can learn about different aspects of the day to day life. These are not exact representations but that is TV main purpose. For a more accurate picture of modern life, the audience may resort to documental and historical pieces.

The western audience sometimes consider that Indian films are colorful and full of music, this is not a lie. These films show how vibrant the life is in India. Serials attempt to do something similar with different resources.

The most important lesson the audience can learn from Indian serials is the size of this industry. These over the top local productions are just a fraction of the monster. By watching the quality of the local TV, foreigners can learn about this new entertainment option. Perhaps a day would come when India is recognized as the first entertainment industry in the world. In the meanwhile, let’s enjoy the immortal characters, complicated plots and unnecessary amnesia accidents.