5 TV Shows You Need to be Watching Right Now

What’s the best way to unwind after a stressful week? Binge watching your favorite TV shows and eating some snacks. If you’re looking for something you can really get addicted to then look no further. We’ve listed the top 5 TV shows that will have you clicking that next episode button until it’s 6am!

  1. Outlander

If you’re looking for a show that will draw you from the start and keep you hanging until the very last episode, then you need to watch Outlander. Full of adventure and lots of steamy romance, Outlander is the perfect show to whisk you away. It stars Caitriona Balfe as Claire Fraser, a British Army nurse who gets sent back in time to 1743 in the Scottish Highlands and the midst of the Scottish Revolution. Sam Heughan plays the dashing redheaded Scot, Jamie Fraser, who Claire falls in love with. They based off of the brilliant books by Diana Gabaldon. Once started, you won’t want to stop!

2. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency is a rather new show with an interesting premise. Based off of the books by famed author Douglas Adams, who also wrote Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Dirk Gently works as a holistic detective, solving cases by examining the inter-connectivity of all events. Starring Samuel Barnett as the hilarious and eccentric Dirk Gently, and Elijah Wood as his assistant Todd Brotzman. This show will leave you laughing and exclaiming as each plot twist becomes stranger and strange. If you’re looking for some so weird yet, simply delightful then Dirk Gently’s is the show for you.

3. Westworld

Westworld is that show that leaves you speechless after every episode. You want to say, by Michael Crichton and its sequel Futureworld. Set in the future, Westworld is a park that allows people to experience the Wild West. The park is filled with androids who simulate this experience but are almost too human themselves. The androids cannot hurt the visitors and so the visitors have unlimited reign to do whatever they want within the park. But soon strange things start to happen with the androids and within the park itself. Starring Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden, Luke Hemsworth and Anthony Hopkins, along with many other talented individuals, Westworld is a show you won’t want to miss. Season 2 premiers April 22 so you still have time to catch up with Season 1!

4. Black Mirror

Do you ever look around and see things that society is doing which could really turn out bad? Things like social media or certain technologies? Then, Black Mirror is the show for you. A British sci-fi dystopian show by Charlie Brooker, Black Mirror explores trends happening in the world that could have potentially dangerous consequences. Each episode features a different story and centered around a certain technological dependency. And each episode will leave you thinking about the way you use technology as well as the way everyone else in the world does. Dark and overly cynical, Black Mirror is a fantastic show that really brings to light the problems on overreliance of technology. It also reveals the darker human psyche when it comes to the powers that modern technology has.

5. Bojack Horseman

If you’re a Family Guy, American Dad, South Park or any other adult animated comedy show fan then you’ll love Bojack Horseman. The show is set in a world where humans and humanized animals live side by side. Will Arnett voices Bojack Horseman, a horse and actor famous for his TV show character on the show Horsin’ Around. The show follows his life and interactions with those around him revealing his complex character and the pressures of the spotlight. Although Bojack feels he is a horrible person who pushes everyone away, times show us that he doesn’t give himself enough credit for the people he actually cares for.