7 Famous Hollywood starts from the 50s

The 1950s were a golden and classic era when it comes to Hollywood stars and movies. Romantic comedies were a big-hit when it came to public ratings but dark and suspense themed series were also receiving much attention at the box office. Stars like James Stewart and Marilyn Monroe topped the charts with their iconic acting skills and charming looks. The 1950s was filled with blonde beauties, gorgeous brunettes alongside, catchy male casts and awesome comedians. To spice things up, their acting skills were just off the charts. Not only were they good-looking, but captivated the public with their marvelous acting career. But who was the most popular actor? Which character was liked the most by the viewers? Here is a list of the of some of the legends. Take a look and tell us who is your favorite!

James Stewart:

Let’s begin our list from the actor who broke the records, was also in the military and a classics creator, James Stewart. Born in May, he was an esteemed American actor who had a very down-to-earth personality which made his roles come alive and helped him portray the middle-class men struggling in crisis. He starred in the Hitchcock classics ‘Rear and Vertigo’ which is still famous even today.

Marlon Brando:

Famous for bringing realism to film and acting, Marlon Brando was a great director, American actor and an activist as well. He is widely known for his performances ‘On the Waterfront’ and ‘The Wild One’. His acting was wildly credited with being intense and captivating.

Marilyn Monroe:

Also called Norma JeanneMortenson, and was generally entitled to all the bombshell blonde characters, Marilyn Monroe was a very beautiful and bewitching model and actress. She became a popular sex symbol, and is still a culture icon for many. She starred in 1950s films like ‘Some Like It Hot’, ‘The Seven Year Itch’ etc.

Clarke Gable:

Popularly known as ‘The King of Hollywood’, William Clarke Gable was a great actor as well as military officer. He started his career from silent movies and went straight to the top with shows like ‘Band of Angels’. He was a bonafide actor, paired with the times most popular actresses, making each film a classical hit. Sadly, he passed away in 1960.

John Wayne:

Marion Mitchell Morrison, professionally known as John Wayne and nicknamed ‘Duke’, was a pro actor and filmmaker. With ‘The Stagecoach’ making him a star almost instantly, he gained more and more fame with his characters in movies like ‘The Red River’ & ‘The Searchers’. Having an admirable and inspirational confidence in hard times, making him more appreciated, John Wayne is one of the best actors to star on the silver screen.

William Holden:

Holding most of the awards from the box-office in his times, William Holden was an American actor famous for his role in ‘Stalag17’ and ‘The Blue Knight’. He appeared in the greatest romantic comedies and was a legend among the actor charts.

Audrey Hepburn:

Audrey Hepburn, the fashion icon and dancer, was also an esteemed British actress. She was very active in the Golden period of the Hollywood industry. She starred in great films like ‘Sabrina’ and ‘Roman Holiday’ and is still a fashion icon and an inspiration even today.