7 Types Of Cameras Used In Hollywood Movies

There are many video cameras designed specifically for cinematography use. These cameras offer large sensors, selectable frame rates, low compression ratios or no compression. Professional cameras have the ability to use high-quality optics. These cameras are expensive and some are available only to rent.
Some of the most popular professional digital movie cameras are Red Epic, Arri Alexa, Sony CineAlta, Red One, Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera, Panavision Genesis.

Red Digital Cinema
The American company manufactures digital cinematography cameras and accessories. The company’s headquarters are in Irvine, California, with studios in Hollywood, California. The company has offices in Singapore, Shanghai and London, stores in New York, Miami and Hollywood and resellers all over the world.

Red One
The Red One was the company first production camera. The camera captures up to 120 frames/seconds, at 2K resolution and 60 frames/seconds at 4K resolution. The sensor Mysterium digitized to a RAW format called Redcode. Red began selling upgrades to a 14-megapixel sensor called M-X. Specialists review the Red One reviewed as having effectively the same quality as a 35mm film.

The series of digital professional movie cameras produced by Sony are designed for filmmakers. The cameras replicate the features of 35mm film motion pictures cameras. Sony describes various products including cameras, recorder, camcorder, cinema server. CineAlta comes from Cine, from cinematography, and Alta, an Italian word meaning “high”.

Blackmagic Design
This is an Australian digital cinema company, based in Victoria, Australia. The company manufactures and broadcast and cinema hardware, especially digital movie cameras. Blackmagic Designs develops video editing software.

Arri Alexa
Arri Alexa – is a digital motion picture camera system. Arri made the camera in April 2010. The camera makes the transition into digital cinematography after previous efforts. High budget films and TV shows use Arri Alexa. The camera has many methods of recording, such as SxS cards, SXR Capture Drives, CFast 2.0 at a high resolution up to 2880 x 2160 pixels in Rec 709 or Log-C to ProRes ARRIRAW codecs.
Additional software licenses can be purchased to unlock different capabilities of the Alexa Camera. The licenses include High Speed 120 fps recording., 4:3 Open Gate Mode and DNxHD.
The camera supports uncompressed video or proprietary raw. The price of Arri Alexa depends on accessories, from $66,000 – 100,000.

Canon Cinema EOS
The Cinema Electro-Optical System autofocus digital photographic and cinematographic SLR and mirrorless interchangeable lens camera system. In early 2012, Canon began to expand the cinema EOS line with the C500, adding 4K.QHD, recording and RAW capture to the features of the C300. The new C500 is the first camera to offer uncompressed raw motion video recording. Canon EOS-1D X features 4K recording on the same sensor.

Panavision Genesis
Panavision is an American motion picture equipment company specializing in lenses and cameras, based in California. Panavision provided CinemaScope accessories, the line of anamorphic widescreen lenses becoming the industry leader. Panavision revolutionizes filmmaking with Panaflex 35 mm movie camera. Panavision operates as a rental facility, unlike of its competitors.