The Best Animated Shows for Adults

Let’s face it, animation isn’t just for kids, it can be for adults to. In fact, there are some really hilarious and downright naughty shows out there that are completely animated and 100% for adult eyes only. From dirty jokes to topical references these shows will leave you gasping for air.

Rick and Morty

If you love sci-fi and adult jokes then you’ll love Rick and Morty. It centers around the Smith family and their crazy granddad Rick Sanchez, who also happens to be a genius mad scientist. Rick and Morty go on adventures across the galaxy and through thousands of dimensions, encountering crazy aliens and even multiple versions of themselves. Each episode, they have to fight some crazy monster and try to save the world. It’s full of hilarious jokes mainly aimed at intelligence and personal failures but somehow you just can’t help but love Rick’s horrible attitude. Bob’s Burgers

While not as raunchy as some other adult animations out there, Bob’s Burgers is still a show that adults can get down to. Centered around the Belcher family, who run a burger restaurant, the episodes take each of them on different adventures. Bob and Linda (the parents) typically deal with things in the restaurant and often get in trouble when trying to get more customers. Meanwhile, Tina, Gene and Louise (the children) find trouble of their own. Louise is the mastermind behind every diabolical plan, Gene is the musical genius and Tina is the loveable, yet awkward oldest sister. They’re a family you’ll grow to love as much as your own.

Bojack Horseman

If you’re looking for a show as cynical as you might be then Bojack Horseman is that show. It follows the life of Bojack Horseman, a celebrity actor who got famous for his show Horsin’ Around. In this world, humans and anthropomorphic animals live side by side which allows for many hilarious animal puns to be thrown in. Bojack believes that people only like him because of his celebrity status and so he has a tendency to push everyone away. Deeply depressed and cynical about his whole life (with some good reason) he makes some insightful yet sad comments about life and the world. Still, his antics and his friends get into some pretty hilarious situations that you won’t want to miss.


Archer is purely adult and purely hilarious. It’s centered around a group of secret agents who go by the name of ISIS. All of the agents are deeply dysfunctional and yet they still manage to be some of the top spies in the world. Each episode has them dealing with saving the world as well as trying to work out their own problems with each other. Archer, the main character, is the center of hilarity with his narcissistic, womanizing personality and hilarious catchphrases. Some have even created a drinking game for this show, that’s how good it is!

Family Guy

Family Guy is classic when it comes to adult animated shows. Starring the Griffins, each episode has them encounter some hilarious social situations that is often a topical reference to what is happening out in the world today. You can usually expect Peter to wind up in some stupid situation that he bumbled himself into as well as a musical number from Stewie and Brian. This show will leave you rolling on the floor laughing with all the horribly accurate jokes that seem to stick it where it really counts. But, it wouldn’t be as funny if it weren’t just so true.