Best Comedies of 2018

So many different movies coming out left and right it’s hard to know what to watch next. From horror, to action, to comedy there are tons of great films to choose from. But, if you know what genre you want to watch that definitely helps narrow the choices down. Here is our list of the best new comedies of 2018 for when you just want to spend the day laughing your pants off!

Game Night

Starring Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams, Game Night will leave you dying with laughter. The movie centers around Max and Annie who love to play games. They meet at a bar and eventually get married. Fast forward to the present where they are at an weekly game night with their friends. The game of the night is a role-playing mystery game that ends up turning real! But, Max and Annie don’t know, they just think it’s all part of the game. Talk about dedication! Hilarity ensues with confusion and the pure genius of the actors’ humor.

Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs is a new film by the brilliant film director Wes Anderson. Staring Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum and many more as the voices of stop motion dogs. The story takes place in Japan, after the outbreak of a dog flu virus. All the dogs are rounded up and exiled to Trash Island. One dog Atari, flies to the island to find the dog Spots and along with the help of other dogs, they try to locate him on the island. All the while plans to exterminate the dogs on the island are being setup. The amazing acting along with Wes Anderson’s beautiful cinematic creations will leave you stunned and amazed. Isle of Dogs is perfect for the whole family and will surely capture the creativity of both young and old.


What’s better than teenagers getting into trouble? Parents trying to get them out of it! If you’re a parent then you know how hard it can be trying to make sure your kid stays out of trouble, but no matter how hard you try everyone messes up sometimes. This movie highlights all of the hilarious situations parents can get themselves into just for their kid. The story follows three parents who find out their daughters’ have a pact to lose their virginity on prom night. They team up together to try and stop them from sealing the deal. Of course, you can already picture the hilarious situations this parents are going to wind up in as they try to cock block their daughters from making a grave mistake!

Holmes and Watson

If you loved Step-Brothers then you’ll love Holmes and Watson which stars the perfect comedy duo Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. Based on the famous series of Sherlock Holmes, Will Ferrell plays the elusive detective Sherlock and Reilly plays his sidekick Dr. Watson. Contrary to other adaptations of the famous stories, this will of course be a comedy. Not much information has been provided yet on the film but judging from what we know of the two actors we can expect great things. How these two will manage to portray the two characters and what kind of hijinks they’ll end up in will remain a mystery, making the surprise just that much better!

The Spy Who Dumped Me

What’s better than the spy in a spy movie? His sexy sidekick who in this movie turns out to be his ex. Starring Mila Kunis as Audrey and Kate McKinnon as her best friend Morgan. The two enter into an international conspiracy when one of them discovers their boyfriend was a spy. Also, starring the Outland star Sam Heughan, this movie is sure to give laughs as well as steamy romance scenes. This Romcom is action packed and perfect for a date night or even girls night out movie.