The Best Hollywood Movie Channels

Television is a great source of entertainment. With the busy life and lack of time movie fans prefer seeing movies on their favorite channels on television. The arrival of cable companies has given people a multitude of options. The leading movie channels also called the premium channels are HBO, Starz, Showtime and Cinemax. They are premium channels because they do not have ads and commercial breaks. The only ads are for future programs in the channel. The loss in revenue through advertisements is compensated by higher subscription fees. There is an additional fee added over the normal cable subscription. The rise in popularity, of these channels show, that, people are willing to pay more, to avoid frequent disturbances of ads and commercials.

The Best Movie Channel

The ranking system based on viewership in March 2015 Showed HBO as the leading channel by a large margin of over 30 million subscribers. Starz came second followed by Showtime with 8.6 million fewer subscribers. Cinemax came next.

HBO has held the No 1 slot for quite some time.

When it comes to pricing these channels are almost same with HBO being just a little more expensive. The main factor is content. Though movies are the main content recent years have shown a shift in focus by showing original series like ‘Game of Thrones’.

The details of some of the popular channels are given below.


HBO shows new movies and old movies that were very good. One assurance viewers have when they subscribe to HBO is they will not have to watch sub standard movies or boring movies. HBO also has good shows like ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Sopranos’. HBO has 7-8 channels and most range in different genres like comedy, action, romance etc.


Starz show new movies. There are 5 channels. It has a great show ‘Spartacus’ which is very popular. They do show adult content but they are not very bad.


They also show new movies and good movies. The new movies shown are 3-4 months after the DVD release. Movies are often repeated. They have 5 channels. They also have good shows but they are not a great hit. The channel is often referred to as Skinemax because they show soft tone adult movies at night.


They have 5 channels. They also show new and good old movies. It is an affordable channel for the average movie goers. They do not have any shows. They show adult content but not as much as Cinemax.

Streaming Options

All these channels offer streaming to their subscribers through apps for smart phones and tablets. HBO, Showtime and Starz offer the option to subscribe directly through the apps. The advantage is that premium content can be kept without the cable subscription. Contrary to cable companies HBO and Showtime offer a 30 day free trial period.

The success of streaming services has made many movie fans shift from cable services to streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. HBO’s standalone service has been launched on Apple devices and Optimum Online.