The Biggest Studios in Hollywood

Hollywood studios undertake the production and distribution of movies. They command a significant share of the box office revenue. In Hollywood, the big-six majors are active since the Hollywood’s Golden Age. These studios are also in the business of distribution. Since the initial days of moviemaking in Hollywood, the US major film studios have dominated the American and the global movie industry. US studios were the first to commercialize the art of filmmaking and develop expertise in mass production and distribution of movies worldwide. Currently, the biggest studios in Hollywood distribute movies in bulk globally and it is very rare for a movie to reach multiple countries in different languages, before being picked up by a major studio. The top 5 biggest studios are Hollywood are as follows:

Walt Disney Pictures

Walt Disney Pictures is the largest studio in America, with a market share of 21.82% in 2017. It was founded in 1923 and took its current name in 1983. It has its own powerful brands like Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar, and Walt Disney Animation. The studio has produced four movies which have grossed more than $1billion worldwide. It also has five animation movies which have toppled the $1 billion mark. It is the envy of every major studio and the standard which others want to follow and emulate.

Warner Bros

The studio was established in 1923 during the golden age of Hollywood. The studio tasted success with the DC Expanded Universe (DCEU) and Harry Potter series. The studio is on an upsurge after a decade. It’s TV production arm also remains a key profit driver and its franchise led slate is also doing quite well. It commands a share of 18.50% as of 2017.

Universal Pictures

The studio was formed in 1912 and command a market share of 14.98% as of 2017. It has been facing a tough time compared to its peers and the earnings were reduced to half in 2016 due to dearth of big-ticket movies. The studio though profited from three billion-dollar releases-Jurassic World, Furious 7, and Minions.

20th Century Fox

The studio was established in 1935. The movie Deadpool has been a game changer for the studio grossing $783 million worldwide. It was also helped by X Men: Apocalypse which raked in $544 million and a strong TV production business. The studio reported a profit of $1.3 billion in 2016 which was up 21% from 2015. It commands a market share of 12.92% as of 2017. The studio is expected to enhance its profits from key releases in the coming years.

Columbia Pictures

Columbia Pictures is one of the oldest studios in Hollywood. It was established in the year 1918. It is one of the leading studios in America and is a member of Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group. Its TV production and global network operations have been strong performers and important profit drivers while the film business has been facing a mixed time. Its movies like the Passengers and Ghostbusters were supposed to be box office hits but did not fare too well at the box office.