Creating Cinema

A delusion of movement is made by recording fast projection of still pictures onto a screen. This is a product of the 19th century and employed so many people in all different jobs to do with production. There wasn’t a single person who invented the cinema experience the closest they got in 1891 was the invention of the kinetoscope this allows one person to view a moving picture TheLumeire brothers were the first ones that brought the moving picture to an audience in 1895. These films were of short length only lasting a few minutes.These would be views of foreign land, comedies, and anything considered good for the news.

In 1914 it was a growing year for several national film industries to be created.As this grew more and more people flooded in to get a glimpse and to experience this themselves.With more paying customers the film industry was able to grow and put more money into their productions from here is where the actual cinemas were established.Films grew to have an actual narrative base and developed the more refined technology.In 1906 color was added to the movies trough toning and tinting. Images had natural color and were able to move with British Kinemacolor process.

The color was expensive and didn’t really get used as much until 1932 when the three-color process was introduced. Soon came the attempt to create sound into the projected pictures using discs and phonographic cylinders. The jazz singer released in 1927 was the first to have the Vitaphone system that had a separate disc and reels containing the film for the sound.

This, however, was very unreliable and was soon scratched and replaced by optical density soundtracks that are recorded photographically around the edge of the film.In 1952 the Cinerama journey started by using three projectors a deeply curved screen and a multi-track surround sound.This was popular due to the effect it gave the movies and the sense of reality it gave to the audience.Not long after It was deemed too technical and that’s when in 1953 cinemascope was introduced using single projectors.Images were put on a 35mm roll of film and expanded by the projector lens to fit the screen.Soon there were large screens being invented that were using 70mm rolls of film the best being IMAX.

In 2008 they had over 300 screens all over the world. IMAX grew to create 2D and 3D formats. IMAX often shows classics that have been altered to have the IMAX format with special effects.

There was some playing around with Sterosounds in the 1940s which came into the widescreen experience. Film production has grown so much with the rapidly improving technology.

Look where we are now to years ago it just shows the advanced digital technology we will have in the future.