The Cutest Animals From The Classic Film Industry

There are famous movies out there we all know and love, but nothing beats a good film with main characters as animals that can talk. The animals stole the spotlight from the human stars, and although many have left us we know, we can still sit back and enjoy one of the old classics that bring our childhood back to life. There were so many famous movies and tv shows with talking animals but here’s a list of the most popular ones you will remember.

Babe the pig

In the 1995 drama film that is a story of a pig that is raised for farming but is destined to be a sheepdog. Babe is played by both real and animatic pigs and border collie dogs. The pig was meant to be dinner but was taking to the fair instead to win a prize. Upon winning the pig is then brought home to live with the border collie fly and her puppies in the barn.

The famous Skippy

In Skippy, the star was the kangaroo named Skippy. He befriended a young boy, the son of the ranger at the national park. The show is revolved around things that happen in the park, dangerous situations and Skippy is always there to help. The clicking sound Skippy makes is sound effects made with chewing gum and chocolate.Over nine kangaroos were used for the show. Skippy was one of the most famous classic animals’ characters.


Lassie was a rough collie breed that stared in the tv show, Lassie. The young boy would get himself into trouble and lassie would always be there to help. Lassie seemed to capture the audience’s hearts when the heroic scenes came on the television. Lassie underwent training to act out the scenes in the tv show.

Salem from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

From talking dogs and heroic kangaroos, we even have a talking cat from Sabrina who was a witch. Salem, the cat, added comedy and wit to the tv show. Salem was once a warlock who got sentenced to 100 years trapped as a cat for his bad acts. When Salem had to talk and move the crew used both real cats and animatics.

Mr. Ed

Mr. Ed, the talking horse, came from some good writing skills and creative imaginations that got Mr. Ed to the point of being a loved tv character of all time. The show was simple, Allan Lane spoke over the Horse moving his lips and boom we have a beloved tv character that became so popular. The comedy of the show was Ed only spoke to his Owner Wilbur which made his owner look completely insane.


Flipper was a movie, to begin with then they started a series of the character flipper, but that soon ended up with more interest than the movie. The show revolved around Flipper saving the day by stopping criminals and making sure his friend bud was safe from harm.

Milo and Otis from The Adventures of Milo and Otis

A 1986 film Milo and Otis was about one kitten named Milo always got too curious a kept getting himself into lots of trouble. He becomes friends with a pug named Otis. Milo accidentally gets into a box that floats down a stream Otis goes after Milo, and they go on a huge adventure getting out of incident after incident.