Difference Between Hollywood and Bollywood

Music, dance, comedy, romance, action and play are the activities that comes to mind when we hear entertainment. While Hollywood and Bollywood are part of the entertainment industry, it is without doubt that Hollywood is the largest cinema or movie industry in America and Bollywood a part of the Indian movie or cinema industry.

Bollywood is a name representing Indian cinema Hindu language, it is derived from the name of the location “Bombay (Currently known as Mumbai)” and Hollywood. Movies in Bollywood are originally based on Indian culture, stories, or real experiences. The story in their movies usually contains songs, dance, drama, suspense and romance. Having the highest number of movies produced or created among all entertainment industries, their films are produced from different parts of their country with varied cultures forming a share of their industry. With the first movie, Raja Harishchandra released by Bollywood in the year 1913, though silent, came before the first Bollywood movie with sound produced in 1931 called Alam Ara.
Hollywood represents the American movie Industry that is known world-wide, with its district or location near Los Angeles, California, The United States. Known for the movie or cinema industry with historic movie studios, it is the oldest and biggest motion picture industry that is known for its creative or innovative adventurous stories, technology and film tricks. Actors or actresses from other movie industries can also feature, star or cast in their own industry also. With a lot of movie genres in Hollywood such as action, suspense, fiction, drama, romance, horror, comedy, Sci-Fi and many others in which that particular movie focuses on one theme at a time, the first Hollywood movie In Old California was in 1910 by D. W. Griffith.
The storyline in a movie or film is what mainly differentiate whether it is Hollywood or Bollywood based. Actors and actresses are chosen according to their roles after the story has been created in Hollywood but, in Bollywood the story is created according to the characters, heroes or heroines. Different themes such as songs, drama, romance and comedy are all contained in a single movie from Bollywood meanwhile, these themes occur, contained or are seen singly in one Hollywood based movie.

Beauty is the mandatory talent to qualify for acting in Bollywood rather than the ability to act well but, in Hollywood, actors and actresses are not usually qualified because of their beauty rather, due to their acting skills and this is necessary. Hollywood movies are usually produced in English Language with other languages included sometimes but, Bollywood movies are usually written in Hindu language; with the Hollywood industry the highest grossing and the Bollywood industry grossing comparatively less to the Hollywood industry.
In conclusion, it is quite hard to differentiate and compare that either Hollywood or Bollywood is better from one another as it completely depends on the viewer’s preference, taste or likes. Instead people are usually attracted to movies that are based on reality or movies that offer adventure and are interesting.