Disney Fox Merger: What it Means to the MCU

It has been a year since the public received news about the merger between The Walt Disney Company and 21st Century Fox, and on March 20, 2019, it finally did. The public rejoiced, but not about the merger between the two companies, but mostly because of what it means for the MCU.

Fanboys and fangirls alike have waited for the day when the big-name characters from the MCU such as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Hulk, to name a few, will interact with the characters from the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool (finally). In fact, this is what most of the audience cares about.

So, really, what does this mean for the MCU?

Disney Fox Merger: What it Means to the MCU


With the acquisition of Fox, characters from the MCU can finally mention the word “mutant.

It has been a decade or so since the first movie of the MCU, and since then, the word mutant was never used. This was because Fox had an agreement with Marvel that they are not allowed to use the term in their movies. It was part of the deal when Fox acquired the movie right to the X-Men. That is why in spite having Wanda and Pietro Maximoff in the universe, who are both mutants, they were never regarded as mutants.

With this new development, expect the word mutant to go around more frequently.

The MCU has been expanding their universe further out, and more recently, they have particularly turned their attention to the cosmos. It started with Guardians of the Galaxy. However, with the merger of Fox and Disney, they can now finally use Silver Surfer.

Silver Surfer is one of the most important cosmic characters in the Marvel Universe. A hero serving the biggest threat to the known universe. That should make for a compelling storyline, one that could spur another Thanos-like arc.


On the downside, this merger might also mean uncertainty for the New Mutants. This was a spinoff made when the X-Men was still in the hands of 21st Century Fox. However, with this development, will it still see the light of day?

At the moment, majority are saying that it might go straight to Hulu. However, Disney reassured audiences that it will still have a release date. When however, it is uncertain.

Disney Fox Merger: What it Means to the MCU


Now, we have seen the previous three iterations of the Fantastic Family. None of them appealed to the public. Mostly a flop, basically. However, with the movie rights back in the hands of its mother, will Disney and Marvel Studios be able to handle their story right?

So far, they have and made even better with their characters. Hopefully, they will do the Fantastic Four right as well.

Also, you can never use the Fantastic Four with including Dr. Doom. He is the main villain of the family, but, he has also been part of every major crisis that the Avengers encountered in the comics. He could possibly be the next big bad.
The merger between Disney and Fox has brought a lot to the table for the MCU. More characters and exciting storylines await. Not to mention, rich villains. The public is all excited what this cinematic universe comes up with next.