The Effective Use Of Music In Movie

Music plays a significant role in improving the cinematic experience of the viewers. The soundtrack is an important factor that determines the success of a movie. In every kind of movies such as drama, comedy, thriller, horror or action, filmmakers include some soundtracks.  It enhances the cinematography as well as acting. When the right kind of music is used in the right scene, then it becomes an unforgettable piece of art because it leaves a strong impression in the hearts of its audience. It forms such an integral part of the scenes that, without it, they can’t be even imagined.

Songs depict various kinds of emotions. Even a whole story can be narrated through a song written cleverly. The music consultant or the director selects a perfect song to ensure that a scene conveys maximum punchiness, humor or heart. The musical score enhances the popularity of a movie and bears the potential to turn the blockbusters to classics. This is the reason why composers and songwriters are highly demanded. Addition of new songs to the movies is becoming easier because of the technological advancements such as digital music recording.

When used effectively, music serves as the emotional side or helps in storytelling. Besides this, while shooting the movie, it helps the director to keep the music in mind. Collages have a perfect impact because of music and without it, they are of no use.

Music demonstrates the socio-cultural and geographic references of a character or the whole group in a movie. So, by hearing it, the audience can actually know the location without actually seeing it.

A particular period can be accurately demonstrated by music, such as a subtle reference to the extravagant sounds makes the audience think of the 18th century. Similarly, suitable musical style can be made use of to demonstrate the time and make the flashbacks more comprehensible to the audience. When there is an abrupt change in the scenes, an addition of music can create a smoother flow.

Music can be used for manipulative purposes when something that is being shown is not the reality. Such as when a villain disguises himself as a good person, the right background music can convey the truth to the viewers.

When an unreal situation has to be demonstrated, such as nightmares or shocking situations, music does the perfect work by imparting an intensity to the scene and making it appear more impressive. This is termed as psychological conditioning that instils fear in the minds of the audience.The parodies of the characters are also aptly depicted by the use of music. It also helps in determining if a scene has comedy or seriousness in it.

Music such as the national anthem creates a sense of psychological unity among the viewers. Such music or patriotic songs played during the heroic act of winning a battle creates a collective emotion. This is how the effective way of incorporating music into a movie or a scene makes a huge difference.