Eternals, Marvel, Kumail Nanjiani Set to Take Part

Marvel is huge in Hollywood. They have the A-List stars coming to them one character at a time. Angelina Jolie is set to be part of the Marvel family soon with the launch of the Eternals, which was then followed by another name, Kumail Nanjiani.

To those who do not know, Kumail Nanjiani is an award nominated actor. He was nominated for an Oscar for co-writing the The Big Sick with his wife Emily Gordon. Rumors has it that he is in negotiations with Marvel to star alongside Jolie for this project.

The Eternals is one of two projects that Marvel is set to shoot this year.

Eternals, Marvel, Kumail Nanjiani Set to Take Part


Their history goes way back. Based on the Marvel database, these are beings that were developed initially just at the evolutionary borderline of apes and man. Then, through the intervention of a time-travelling goddess, they were given their own safe haven.

They were originally created to become the defenders of Earth. Unfortunately, because of their clash against their more antagonizing, and aggressive counterparts, the Deviants.

In a way, the Eternals are basically the forefathers of the later formed mutants called the X-Men because in them laid a dormant gene. This gene is what gives them room to evolve. Maybe, it was also this gene that made it possible for them to evolve later on into humans.

The early take on The Eternals was written by Jack Kirby, one of the leaders in Marvel’s publication. However, The Eternals later on was gone in history. Then, Neil Gaiman dusted off the publication history and then retconned using one of The Eternals abilities to give all of them amnesia. As a result, they have forgotten who they were and how they originally came to be.

At that, The Eternals are left to roam the universe recruiting those who were like them – betrayed and unable to remember their own identity.

Eternals, Marvel, Kumail Nanjiani Set to Take Part


Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, since its inception, only gave away a small trivia about the upcoming movie which is still in pre-production.
According to him, The Eternals will be similar to an ancient aliens’ story. It can easily be the culmination of the myths and legends that we currently know of, especially during the Greco-Roman times.

Also, because of the time period in question, Hercules is one of the heroes slated to appear in the move. Who will play him remains a mystery.

Going back to Kumail Ninjiani, although still a rumor, he was said to already be in negotiations with Marvel Studios, in spite his busy schedule. In fact, other than the upcoming Men in Black movie he is to appear in, he will also be starring in The Twilight Zone and Stuber, alongside Dave Bautista which is a movie made through the joint efforts of Disney and Fox.

Through all this, Marvel never made a comment.

Regardless, more Marvel movies means good news to its fans. Everyone loves Marvel, and with the success they are having in building the universe they are building at the moment, who know which A-List celebrity will they snag in the future.