Four Things The Men In Black Franchise Can Do To Get Back On Track Again

Men In Black: International had a disappointing opening. It was panned by critics, it annoyed the long-time fans and there is no way they are making a sequel for it. This was a mistake. There were so many thing that could have been done right with this movie. With all the alleged bickering behind the scenes, they ended up ruining the good script that attracted Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth to star in the title roles.

Here are a few things that they can do to get it back on track.

Four Things The Men In Black Franchise Can Do To Get Back On Track Again

1. Keep Tessa Thompson And Chris Hemsworth

There were many reasons for the movie failing. None of them had anything to do with the stars. With the constant rewrites happening during the shooting to a point where the two stars had to get their own dialogue writers, we are surprised that they managed to pull off a solid performance with the material provided. Plus, they have been introduced to us well and we like them. If they can keep the two stars at the helm, they just might salvage this.

2. Expand The World

When the title for this movie in the franchise was announced, we thought we would see more world-building but that did not happen as much. The early trilogy was kept within the streets of New York and we expected F. Gary Gray to take this out of the city premise. Instead, they just substituted New York with London. They do go to other countries but the base of operations is kept within London and nothing new is shown to us. MIB has the potential to be a huge universe in Sci-Fi lore but they have not done this yet. If they do, a lot of people will respond to the expanded universe.

3. Tie Plots To Historical Events and Places

Men In Black uses an approach that is simple to write their scripts. They just take the world that we know and shine a light on the weird things that happen, using comedy. However, when it comes to the directive that the organization is charged with, they could tie-in very well with historical events like they did with the Apollo 11 launch in 1969. There are so many historical places and events to exploit like Area 51 and other ancient stories of alien appearances. They have tied-in well with some things in the original trilogy and we loved them for this. They could do it again, but bigger this time.

Four Things The Men In Black Franchise Can Do To Get Back On Track Again

4. Return to Special Effects Instead of Too Much CGI

The industry has changed since the original trilogy was made. The use of special effects has been so rampant that in this movie, you could tell that the CGI creatures you were looking at, were not really that convincing. It was too CGI. The use of CGI should not be so gratuitously bad. They should definitely go back to using special effects instead of voluminous and bad CGI.