Gender Discrimination in Hollywood

Hollywood has often been accused for not being gender neutral. The instances of gender discrimination is widely prevalent in the industry. The voice against gender discrimination in Hollywood has been gaining traction and popularity in the recent times. The article explores the dimensions and statistics pertaining to gender discrimination in one of the largest entertainment industries in the world.

Instances and Statistics of Gender Discrimination

The widespread gender discrimination in Hollywood can be understood from the staggering fact that of the 250 top movies of 2017, 88% had male directors only. 83% of such movies did not have a female writer and 96% has no female cinematographer. In the year 2017, only 18% of the movies had a female director, writer, producer, cinematographer and other behind the camera profession. The gender gap has closed considerably in America in the last few decades in all other professions, but there seem to be negligible change in Hollywood on this front.

In another study, it was revealed that in the top 900 movies made in Hollywood between 2007-2016, only 30.5% of the speaking characters were women. In the year 2017, men portrayed 4900 characters while women got the chance to portray just over 2000 characters. Women characters get more eminence when the movie is directed by women. Similarly, when there is a female screenwriter attached to the project, the chances of hiring a woman increases by 10.7%. The women face discrimination in not only being cast but also in the pay packet. According to the Forbes 2017 list, the top 10 highest male actors amassed a combined of $488.50 million, while the corresponding figure for the top 10 highest paid female actors was only $172.50 million. The contrast becomes even more stark when one considers that Mark Wahlberg made $1.5 million for the reshoots of All The Money In The World, while his co-star, Michelle Williams made only $1000.

Non-Financial Discrimination

There are other forms of discrimination against women in Hollywood also. There has been lot of disclosures related to sexual harassment by leading ladies of Hollywood. There has been a growing perception that women are commodified in Hollywood. They are deprived and isolated from producing, directing, and writing movies. The other major reasons of sexual harassment have been linked to men outnumbering women in the industry, men occupying all the powerful positions, transient work arrangements, and single women taking up low paid jobs and being vulnerable.

There has been a growing campaign against sexual harassment of women at work. The media has also joined in and some of the perpetrators have been exposed also. The naming and shaming of such perpetrators will help arrest this evil considerably.

All the studies which point towards the inherent gender discrimination against women at different levels point to one thing- the women being in minority are being harassed and discriminated against. In any industry, the ratio of women decides how they are treated in that industry. The women are more likely to get harassed and face gender discriminations on multiple fronts in an industry which is dominated by men.