Genres Of Movies

Movies are also known as visuals. Generally, movies can be defined as visual communication which uses sounds and pictures to give stories. The movie industry has existed since the 19th century. Movies generally evolved from a carnival novelty to a very crucial tool of entertainment and communication in the 19th to 20th century. Movies have had the greatest impact on politics, arts and technology.


Movies can be categorized into the following:

  • Action movies

These movies involves fights and stunts. The story usually involves both the good and bad guys. The disagreements that exists between the two of them is usually resolved with physical fights. Action are the most popular in the market. This is because, they action movies usually contains a very large quality of military art, explosions and gargets which are very interesting and cool. In almost all action movies, the producers tend to be very conservative, the bad guys are usually criminals, killers, causes of foreign powers, and they usually ends up losing. These genre of movies are very expensive to produce, hence, requires a huge budget to bring quality effects and work which is stunt. Most of these action are produced in the United States. American action movies usually involves gargets which are cool as well as huge explosions unlike the ones produced in Hong Kong, which contains acrobatics by the protagonists.

  • Adult movies.

There is a very strict parental guidance when viewing this genre. These type of movies are suitable for 18 and above viewers in India and 15 and above viewers in the United States. These movies were created in the 1991 by a college student who termed them as sodomite. Most of these movies are very erotic making them unsuitable for children to view. They usually go against the required moral code. These movies are majorly watched by teenagers. Remember, we were all teenagers one time.

  • Adventure

These movies are very fictional. They usually risks, danger and fun in the long run. These movies got to their peak between the 1930s and the 1940s. During this period, it was mostly males who were made the protagonists. They had desirable courage, fought wars and faced tyrants. They generally put most of their energy in exploring exotic locations. They are more of action movies, the only difference is that action movies does not involve adventure in exotic locations. The storyline is usually about the search for a lost treasure, heroic journeys to strange destination, and among many others.

  • Animations

In this genre, all the characters are usually animated. Animations are takes a film technique. They are very appealing to children, usually referred to as children’s entertainment but are normally enjoyed by all. Animations have a lot of exaggerations. They are also very appealing to everyone though this can be difficult to explain because it is feeling related. Their characters usually has very different personality. There is also squash and stretch in animations though it can go unnoticed when being watched. They undergo the secondary action which is not really the main movement.

  • Biopic

These are movies that acts the majorly on people’s biography and life events whether they are dead or alive.

  • Children

These are movies whose storyline are mainly made for children or small kids in general.

  • Comedy

They are humorous movies whose main aim is to entertain the viewers.

  • Crime

These movies are crime based.

  • Drama

They are usually combined with other genres. They bring out family relationships and emotions.

  • Documentary

They give facts and realities about people, events and situations. They are made with historical records and not for commercial purposes.

  • Fantasy

These are magical and supernatural in nature. They are also mystical.


All these genres combined together form movies in Hollywood.