Great Book-to-Movie Adaptations in 2018

Book lovers can rejoice knowing some of their favorite books will play on the silver screen in 2018. Here are some of the movies that are based on best-selling books that you won’t want to miss.

12 Strong

This is a book written by Doug Stanton that showed 12 soldiers who volunteered to fight in Afghanistan after the September 11 attack. They went to Mazar-e Sharif, an Afghan City, in order to liberate the city from Taliban. The liberators were able to successfully complete their mission. However, the movie went into an unexpected turn. They were ambushed by people who will be soon to be prisoners of war and in the fortress of Qala-I-Janghi. The release date of 12 Strong is January 19, 2018.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure

This book was written by James Dashner and is a sequel to movie series maze runner. This is a story about Thomas who lost his memories, to Wicked. He also lost the Gladers – his friends in the maze – because of Wicked. However, he was able to complete and beat the maze. He was able to prove to everyone that he can survive the Scorch. However, he might discover that the truth is different from what he thinks it is. The release date of the movie is January 26, 2018.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

This book was written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter. This follows the adventure of the disobedient and mischievous Peter Rabbit. Despite the warning of his mother to not to go into the garden of a man named Mr. McGregor, he went ahead to snack some vegetables. Mr. McGregor sees him but he luckily escaped by wriggling under the gate to exit the garden. The release date of the movie is February 9, 2018.

Fifty Shades Freed

This book is a sequel to the other two series of Gray and Darker. It is written by E L James and it’s a story about Anastasia Steele who fell in love with an entrepreneur Christian Grey. Ana has agreed to marry Christian and she is learning how to fit into his world without losing herself. Christian should learn how to be less controlling and should learn how to forget and forgive his dark past. Just when everything is becoming perfect, fate conspired to make Ana’s fears to turn to reality. The last of the 3 series, the release date of the movie is 2018’s Valentine’s Day.


This book is written by Jeff Vandermeer. This is about a place called Area X which has been isolated from the rest of the continents for more than 10 years. The people who made several expeditions to the island made different reports. The first expedition returned with the information that the island has a landscape similar to Eden. The second expedition resulted in a mass suicide. The third expedition became disastrous as members fired on each other and became enemies. The movie joins the 12th expedition which made up of 4 women. Their main mission is to avoid the contamination brought by area X, observe each other and map the area. The researchers discovered an anomaly in the topography that can change their perception of Area X. The release date is February 23, 2018.

Every Day

This book is written by best-selling author David Levithan.  This is a story about a man named “A” who woke up in a different body in a different life. He woke up one day in the body of Justin and he met Justin’s girlfriend Rhiannon. He found himself wanting to be with Rhiannon every day of his life, day in and day out. The release date of the movie is February 23, 2018.