Best Ever T-Shirt Fails

We all love a hilarious slogan t-shirt, but these examples have to take the trophy for being some of the most ridiculous out there. Some of these shirts are so bad, it’s hard to believe they actually were made by real companies AND worn by real people.  These tee’s go beyond tacky and bad fashion choices, they are just bad life choices. Though, there are a few shirts in this list that actually may be epic wins… You decide!

Yes, you do

Ah, man. As we stuff the third donut into our faces today, the last thing we want to see is someone super skinny knowing that she is super skinny. Okay, so we did have a little laugh to ourselves when we saw her slogan tee, but then we felt guilty and ashamed for eating so many donuts so had a little cry instead. Yes, you do make us look fat, and yes we will be going to the gym after seeing this picture.

A skinny young woman is wearing a t-shirt saying ‘Do I Make You Look Fat?’

Pick up lines

Don’t you just hate it when you’re at a party and some sleazeball starts hitting on you? When that happens, we have to politely decline and go lock ourselves in the restroom until they’ve left the party. Well, fear no more ladies, as this slogan tee exists! Don’t lock yourself in a restroom anymore, just point to your t-shirt. Although we bet they come crawling back later when they think you’re drunk enough to give them the time of day. Eugh.

A pretty girl wearing a t-shirt that says ‘Don’t Bother I’m Not Drunk Yet’

Almost famous

In this day and age, it seems as though anyone with a large enough Instagram following can become famous. This girl may be wearing the same outfit as Paris Hilton in the early 2000s, but she definitely is NOT the socialite star. We want to know how famous is almost famous? Like has she been in anything we would have seen? And what on earth has an owl got to do with being almost famous? Man, we’re so confused.

A blonde girl wearing a pink t-shirt which says ‘Almost Famous’ with a picture of an owl

Slide to unlock

Okay, we have to admit that we actually really want this t-shirt. Admittedly, we definitely won’t look as good as she does in it, but we have a feeling it would make a great talking point. Especially at parties. We wonder how many men have come up to her to ask if they can slide to unlock, while she’s wearing this t-shirt. We hope she asks them what the passcode is before they’re allowed in, though. That would be comedy gold!

A girl wearing a white t-shirt that has the iPhone ‘Slide to Unlock’ symbol and text on it

Best be quick

When this girl leaves the house, she wears a big ol’ sweater that covers her t-shirt. As soon as she sends her boyfriend to the bar, she whips off the sweater to reveal this hilarious tee. At least, we guess that’s what happens. Or maybe she doesn’t have a boyfriend and this is all a ploy to get kisses from random strangers… The plot thickens. Either way, she’s looking pretty pleased with herself in this photo.

A girl wearing a red t-shirt that says ‘Kiss me before my boyfriend comes back’


We think that this slogan tee is hilarious because it’s a picture of a vacuum cleaner that says “this really sucks.” We get the joke, we really do. However, what’s even funnier is watching someone getting arrested while wearing a t-shirt that totally sums up how they are probably feeling right now. This couldn’t really be any more perfect. Unless the person getting arrested was stealing a vacuum cleaner, then it would be ideal. Someone please Photoshop that happening?!

A person getting arrested wearing a t-shirt that says ‘This really sucks’ with a vacuum cleaner on it

Magnet of chicks

We can think of plenty of people who are certified chick magnets, off the top of our heads. Ryan Gosling – definite chick magnet. Jason Momoa – 100% chick magnet. Brad Pitt – used to be a chick magnet. However, we have our doubts about this guy. As does the woman who is sitting next to him, judging by the look on her face and those wide, scared eyes. Maybe he should change it to ‘Utterly Petrified Chick Magnet’?

A man wearing a t-shirt saying ‘Chick Magnet’ with a scared looking woman next to him


Dead mouse

Minnie Mouse definitely doesn’t look very happy about the t-shirt this guy is wearing. And seriously, he should have made better choices before heading to Disney World… Deadmau5 is a cool musician, and that’s a cool tee, but he really didn’t think it through when attending a Meet and Greet with Minnie Mouse. You can tell by his face that he’s instantly regretting his decision. Poor Minnie probably thinks the love of her life has become a Canadian DJ… Or is just dead.

A man wearing a deadmau5 t-shirt with Minnie Mouse pointing to it and looking shocked

Good for you!

Sometimes people struggle with their weight, and that’s totally A-OK. It seems as though this guy has been having some struggles of his own, but at least he has a sense of humor about it all. And who knows, maybe he is telling the truth – he just went totally the other way instead. We have a feeling that he was stopped plenty of times for photos wearing this bright yellow top with its hilarious slogan. Good for him!

A large man wearing a bright yellow t-shirt which says ‘I Beat Anorexia’ on it

Keep drinking

This is easily one of our favorite t-shirt fails, and we really hope it was just a coincidence as opposed to staged. The look on this guy’s face as he watches the woman drink more (until she wants him) is what nightmares are made of. It looks like he is thinking, “Yes, drink up my pretty, soon you will be mine.” We really hope that this woman finished her beer and then ran to the closest exit, to get away from this creep.

A man wearing a t-shirt that says ‘Drink til you want me’ and a woman chugging a glass of beer

Thanks for the heads up

Wow. Just wow. We don’t know whether this woman has a wind problem, meaning she always has to wear this t-shirt, or whether she just ate a lot of curry the night before. You couldn’t pay us a million bucks to wear this t-shirt out in public… Oh, okay, maybe for a million. At least she has warned everyone not to walk behind her. We would be giving this lady a wide berth if she walked in front of us.

A woman wearing a t-shirt that says ‘Fart now loading’ with a progress bar underneath

If you’re happy and you know it

Remember the childhood song, “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands”? It was a personal favorite of ours, especially when we got to stamp our feet. This guy clearly wasn’t sure what the words were when he bought this slogan tee. Or he was the victim of a serious translation fail. To be fair, we kind of like the cross stitch style of the font… If only it didn’t make us fall on the floor laughing.

A man wearing a t-shirt saying ‘Crap your hands. Make noise!’ which is clearly a translation error

A real heartbreaker

We’re back to those chick magnets again! There are so many things wrong with this picture, we don’t know where to start. Not only does the t-shirt have an epic slogan fail (let’s be honest, models are picky) but it’s super dirty too! We feel like he should definitely wear a tee that brags about how he only dates models. Maybe he means model airplanes? We also don’t want to eat whatever the heck he is cooking. Eugh.

A man cooking while wearing a dirty t-shirt which says ‘Sorry Girls, I Only Date Models’


Yet another severe case of a self-fulfilling prophecy here! What we want to know is if this guy hurt his hand while wearing this hilarious t-shirt or whether he put the tee on before he went to the hospital. We also want to know what dumb thing led to his entire hand being bandaged up like that. Ah well, at least he warned everyone that he does dumb things, so everyone knows to keep out of his way.

A guy with a bandaged hand wearing a t-shirt that says ‘Warning. I do dumb things’

Think less

We love a good ol’ motivational quote on t-shirts, especially when it inspires us to be a better person. However, it seems as this girl is only interested in anti-motivational quotes – or there has been a serious translation error. “Think Less. Stupid More” definitely doesn’t sound like something Oscar Wilde would have said. Also, how do you ‘stupid’? Is that even a thing? We want to know how to stupid more now! Although we definitely already know how to think less…

A girl wearing a slogan t-shirt which says ‘Think Less. Stupid More’ on the back

My good friend

Okay, okay, ignoring the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors throughout this… We totally love the vibe of this tee! Our best friends are totally the food we fill our faces with at lunchtime in the office, so we get where this t-shirt is going. We all feel happiness when we eat our little hamburger friends. Nom, nom, nom! We want to know why there’s a picture of fries instead of the ‘hamberger’ though? Okay, we guess this tee is a bit of a fail.

A t-shirt saying ‘Hamberger friend. I feel happiness when I eat a him’ with a picture of fries


Wearing a bright pink t-shirt is a risky move for anyone, never mind an older man. However, this guy is totally playing it cool and has no issues wearing pink. In fact, he’s really embracing it! The thing is, if anyone stopped to laugh at him, he can just point to the hilarious slogan on his t-shirt and they will be the ones feeling dumb. Touche, sir! You are our new hero. Now, where can we get one of these tees from?

An older man wearing a bright pink t-shirt saying ‘Don’t laugh. It’s your girlfriend’s t-shirt’


Wow. This is one seriously cool dude… We think? This guy clearly is embracing his inner teenager by following all of the latest trends – yolo and swag included. The glasses, the hair, that t-shirt, it’s all quite a bit… Full-on. You can tell the people sitting behind him are judging his outfit choice, but we kind of like it. After all, you only live once, and fashion is totally objective (so we’ve been told). You keep doing you, buddy.

A man wearing a t-shirt that says ‘Yolo Swagg On’ and looking pretty cool

Safety first

You should always put safety first, you know?! No matter who you are, what you’re doing, and where you are, you should ‘Think Safety’ – as this guy’s t-shirt reminds us. However, it doesn’t seem as though he is the kind of man to think safety… Not when he’s riding on the back of this truck without a care in the world. How can you put your seatbelt on when you’re in the back of a truck? You can’t. Tsk tsk.

A man wearing a ‘Think Safety’ t-shirt while riding quite unsafely on the back of a truck


Good things come to those who wait, so we have been told. However, this fashionista has a totally different viewpoint. In fact, she thinks that good things only come to those who hustle. Soooo, she’s out to swindle people?! We’re not sure this is the kind of tee you want to wear out and about, especially not if you’re about to hustle someone. We mean, you’ve kinda already told them you’re a hustler! Perhaps she’s having a day off from hustling, though?

A woman wearing a tee that says ‘Good things come to those who hustle’

She’s right

We like it when people have confidence in their own bodies and selves. As they say, there is nothing more attractive than confidence! However, this woman doesn’t want to come over too arrogant and so has gone for a pretty good percentage of attractiveness. She is only 20% more attractive than the rest of us, which is cool with us. We know we have room for improvement. We want to know why this tee is so specific, though!

A woman wearing a t-shirt which says ‘20% hotter than you’


Uh oh… This looks like this was taken as a mugshot, and the irony of the t-shirt hasn’t been lost on us. It seems as though her 98% naughty side was super active when she got arrested for whatever crime she committed. Why didn’t the 2% angel kick in and make her stop doing whatever naughty thing she was doing? She’s going to have to have a word with that angel on her shoulder – and ask it to shout louder next time!

A woman in a mugshot wearing a t-shirt which says ‘98% naughty. 2% angel.’

Oba Mao

We don’t know what the story is behind this t-shirt, so we don’t know whether it’s meant to be extremely offensive, satirical, or was made by a mega fan of Chairman Mao? If only we could read Chinese and decipher what it says underneath the portrait of the former President of the United States. We also want to know how many people actually bought this t-shirt… Seems like it would have a pretty small potential fanbase. Although we do kinda want one now.

A t-shirt showing a picture of the former President of the United States with the words ‘Oba Mao’

Innocent until proven

You know the rules of the legal system – everyone is innocent until proven guilty! Seems as though this guy wasn’t too bothered about going to court and pleading his case, as he has already made his admission with his t-shirt. Judging by the look on his face, he is really wishing he wasn’t wearing this tee for the mugshot. He does look a little bit sorry for himself, doesn’t he? Ah well, shouldn’t have got arrested then should ya!

A mugshot of a man wearing a bright orange t-shirt which says ‘Guilty’

No kiddin’

This is another one of those almost-perfect situations, when the t-shirt totally reflects the mood. Sure, it may have seen like a good idea at the time to take the boat out, not knowing how to drive it, but by the looks of this picture, it definitely wasn’t. We wonder if the guy in the yellow had some kind of premonition before he left the house, which made him wear this really apt t-shirt. Lucky he has swim shorts as well!

A man next to a boat accident wearing a t-shirt that says ‘Seemed like a good idea at the time’

Sorry, what?

We have absolutely no idea what to make of this t-shirt. At all. Let’s break it down a bit. Little friend sounds like something from Scarface, so we kinda get that reference. Okay, then we’re totally lost. Who isn’t a duck? Why did this guy hastily assume someone was a duck? Is this from a movie? A TV show? Like seriously, what is going on? Please send your answers on a postcard so we can solve this t-shirt mystery.

A man wearing a t-shirt which says ‘I’m sorry, little friend… I was hasty… You’re not a duck…’

Fat, Diabetic

This guy is not just acing whatever race he’s running, he wants everyone to know it as well! His shirt reads 50, Fat, Diabetic, and Ahead of You, showing that he might be older, less in shape and even sicker than you are, but he’s still beating your ass hands down! A hilarious way to keep himself, and probably the guy behind him more motivated, and to give us all a good giggle as well! Keep it up dude, age is just a number!

fat diabetic

Big Dick

Oh Phew. We’ve been waiting for Big Dick to get back to town, and here he is, with the t-shirt to prove it. We hope that his name is Richard, and he’s kind a big shot, as we’re not interested in any other meaning of the words, not from this dude anyway. We love his swagger and his style, and think that maybe his grandkid got him this shirt as a bit of a joke. Love it though! Wonder what else is in his wardrobe?!

Big Dick

Wish You Were Beer

Er, maybe someone got this shirt for a really tiny grown up, but it still didn’t fit, so it got passed onto this kid? And their parents can’t read English, and think it says something else? I know that’s a lot of maybes to make this situation not awkward, but the other option is that you’re looking at the worlds youngest alcoholic, and her caregivers think it’s cool for her to be wearing a shirt which says “wish you were beer.”

Wish You Were Beer

Not Permitted

This is probably the most difficult to understand shirt we’ve ever seen, for sale in some weird place where English clearly isn’t their first concern when it comes to eager tourists and their wallets. Let’s try to decipher it, shall we? Looks to us like it says, Heed no do permitted to going THE PERSON remmby woroing terrisltlastly. No, sorry. We can’t even try. Maybe The Person can give you some insight, cause we’re lost.

Not Permitted

The Sexy Face

Looking for the sexy face? Want to know what it looks like? Here you go. Unimpressed? Yes, we can see why. This kid isn’t the only one in this t-shirt, as you can see from his fellow traveller in the background, so maybe this is the name of a group tour of some kind where they’re all in the same organization. We love the tag line, Never Stop Studying, which is exactly what you think of when you think of sex appeal… not.

The Sexy Face

Nobody Knows

These “nobody knows I’m a lesbian” shirts can seem pretty strange at first, as you kind of want to say “er, the secrets out my dear, now that you’re dressed in that shirt!” But actually, it’s a pretty cool way to show the world that you’re out the closet and proud of it, and you don’t care one bit what anyone says! We wouldn’t recommend using it to come out to your parents though, maybe make them a cup of tea and sit down first.

Nobody Knows

Home is…

….Where the Pants Aren’t! This one is so funny cause it’s true! Who doesn’t take their pants off as soon as they walk in their house? If you’re looking at this in confusion, are you even a real life human? The second your front door closes, the belt comes off, the button gets undone, and the pants get flung wherever you’re standing. Better hope you don’t have unexpected guests this evening, cause you are in underpants city.

Home is

Social Anxiety

So many of us can relate to this t-shirt, it had to make our list. It’s all about those times that you are forced to go out and socialize and have fun and see friends…. But you just want to be at home on your sofa watching Netflix and ignoring the world! Where are all the clubs for the socially anxious types who just want to be ignored and left alone with their books? Oh yeah, libraries. That will work, cool.

Social Anxiety

Tell Your Boobs

This one made us laugh out loud! For those times when a woman is just looking too fine not to sneak a peek, but then she hits you with one of those angry lines like “my face is up here thanks very much!” It might not be great to stare, but at least this line will help you out when you get yourself in trouble, and maybe manage to make her laugh at the same time? And maybe she will say yes to a date with you? Ok, probably not. It isn’t a magic shirt.

Tell your Boobs

Fart Loading

Ew. Another one. What a great shirt to wear if you want the whole side of the bus or the subway car to yourself. Otherwise, it’s just kind of gross and too much information to be honest, dude. And you really don’t need to say ‘please wait.’ There is an 100% chance that no one is going to be waiting around to see if that particular shirt is accurate or not, that’s for sure. If I was dating this dude, this shirt would go straight in the garbage.

Fart Loading

Elvis Died

Elvis Died for Your Sins. We’ve heard about Jesus, but this is the first we’ve heard about the King of Rock and Roll being our responsibility. We kind of thought he died cause of a weird relationship with drugs and fame, but hey, if you have some kind of evidence to the contrary man, you better head down to the police station with that cause we’re pretty sure they closed that case a while back. Great color on you though.


Kiss Me

Hey love, you can be whatever you want to be, and don’t let the world tell you any different. But this particular shirt seems a bit off base, seeing as you are absolutely not a blonde. I’m sure you could be, with some peroxide bleach and an excellent hair dresser, although you might not like the look after all that effort. But why not just stick to “kiss me, I’m a brunette”, it’s a myth that blondes have more fun anyway!

Kiss me

An Old Shirt

This made us laugh, especially when we got to the small print! Not sure whether this is the coolest woman ever, or if she didn’t read (or couldn’t read) the shirt when she bought it, but it lets the whole world know that once upon a time, she was a virgin! I suppose that’s true of us all, which makes the t shirt slogan even funnier. We hope we have the guts to buy and wear this kind of shirt as proudly when we’re middle aged.

An Old Shirt

Crazy Crazy

This womans crazy eyes kind of speak for themselves, she doesn’t really need to wear the t shirt to prove it, but thanks for the heads up. Anyone who feels the need to let the world know that she’s not quite sane, by wearing the words splayed across her body, certainly meets the description of not quite normal in our book, so we’ll take her word for it and keep our distance! Crazy isn’t something we need to deal with that’s for sure!

I Am crazy

Just Be Quiet

We couldn’t agree with this t shirt more, what a sensible instruction manual for society to follow. Why be Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, or Transphobic, when you could just be Quiet? It’s a version of the mantra that our mothers always told us about, if you can’t think of anything nice to say, then just say nothing at all. Advice we would love to see more people following, as so many people seem to struggle following it at the moment.

Just Be Quiet

Beautiful Daughter

While the t shirt itself is pretty funny, something about the fact that this guy appears to be standing over an open grave as he wears it makes us stop laughing pretty abruptly! His shirt says that he has a beautiful daughter, but then warns the men away by saying he also has an axe, a shovel and… an alibi! I wouldn’t be asking his daughter to prom any time soon, that’s for sure. Try someone less beautiful, and hold onto your head!

Beautiful Daughter


If you’re a sarcastic kind of guy or girl, you’ll know exactly how this dude feels about life. His shirt reads, “Sarcasm, because beating the crap out of people is illegal.” Sometimes when people say stupid stuff, you just have to resort to British level sarcasm to get your point across, and let them know what a dumb ass they are, and get out some of that repressed rage along the way. It’s the only thing that (legally) helps!



Honesty is the best policy, and this person certainly knows how to tell the truth! The shirt reads, “all I care about is Pizza, and like 2 people” and they have the hand gestures and the dinner in hand to prove that it’s most certainly the truth! It can’t make many of the humans in their life feel loves though, and they certainly don’t look like they are out of shape, if Pizza really is such a regular choice in their culinary needs!



What makes me think that I wouldn’t like this guy, even before I’ve ever met him or said two words to him? Not sure, but the Swagalicious t shirt can’t help matters, especially with that pose he’s striking, and the bag on the next seat stopping anyone else from sitting down. We’re not sure what he means by swagalicious exactly, but maybe he’s trying to tell the world that he’s got all the goods, personality, and charm to go along with it.


Virginity is Curable

Hey Dude, you’re just not hot enough to be wearing that t shirt and getting away with it. Virginity is Curable? Maybe, but I wouldn’t be coming to you for the prescription if you know what I mean. Not unless you lost that hat and had an appointment with a serious shaver first. And hey, maybe we’re just waiting for the right guy, no need to judge our life choices, and we won’t judge yours, k sweetheart?


Big Deal

“I’m kind of a big deal on a fairly irrelevant social media site that falsely inflates my ego.” How many people would you just love to buy this shirt for? They definitely include any nobody who has ever been “approved” on Twitter, plus people who talk about their Instagram followers in polite conversation. Seriously, no one cares how many followers you have man, get off the computer and go find some vitamin D.

Big deal

I Have the Pussy

This dude needs an appointment with Google translate before he buys himself any more t shirts. He probably was told it says something cool, like King of the Jungle, or some kind of adorable English saying. Unfortunately, what it really says is… “I have the pussy, so I make the rules.” Maybe this guy owns a large cat, and thinks that this is what his awesome new shirt is talking about. Only the rest of the internet knows differently.

I have the Pussy

I’m Not Gay

This guy is another one who probably has no clue what his shirt says, but it’s a seriously funny one! I’m Not Gay….. but $20 is $20! He would likely be mortified if he knew what he was wearing, but if it was a frat guy who was feeling pretty secure about his masculinity, then we would all be slapping him on the back and laughing at his awesome shirt. We wonder how this particular dude came across this shirt, and if he will ever find out the truth!

I'm Not Gay

Return to Rita

This is our favorite shirt combo of the whole bunch. What an adorable couples t shirt choice, with the husband’s one saying “if lost return to Rita” and the wife’s saying “ I am Rita!” They must have had these specially made, perhaps for a couples holiday or a special trip to celebrate an anniversary or their retirement. Now if her hubby goes walkabout, everyone knows he has a wife to get back for, and it keeps him behaving himself too!

Return to Rita

You Wish

This slogan t shirt kind of makes us feel a bit ill, especially as the guy wearing it seems to be taking it totally seriously, not looking sheepish or laughing on a night out, but wearing it while he’s out grocery shopping in his local store. The arrows point to his shoulders, and say leg rests, and we don’t think he’s talking about giving people piggy backs here. I wonder whether anyone has ever taken him up on that particular offer. I doubt it.

You Wish

Sh*t Happens

Not exactly sure what happened here and why this ridiculously underage child looks thoroughly hungover. Apparently, his long sleeved t-shirt knows a fair amount as to what happens when you party naked. We are sure his parents bought him this by mistake, but it still doesn’t take away from it being absolutely hilarious. He is way ahead of his time. If you loved this t-shirt fail, stick around for more because you might be wetting your pants by the end of this.

You Just Don’t

Ummm, what? We know that printing t-shirts in countries that are not well versed in the English language can be a tricky feat to master. This is no exception. Not only having trouble getting the language correct, the even bigger issue here is trying to come across sassy, and in the end just coming across as stupid. Not even sure as to what this means we think the person printing them “should just stop.” There is enough bad grammar in the world!

So Future

We are not even sure as to what so future means, but we have a feeling this kid does! Check out that carefree pose though, he has it down pat! Also, we are loving that he wore this t-shirt to school and it looks like he got away with it too. The little genius took a jacket with him just in case his teacher told him to change. Well, at least he thinks ahead if nothing else. He is so efffing future.


There are so, SO many things wrong with this picture. Cannot for the life of us get past this hair? It looks like a mullet (business at the front, party at the back) and a perm had a baby. Do not count on this, but we are betting there are at least three bugs and two small birds residing in their hair. Let us slowly make our way down to the t-shirt. Whenever somebody buys a t-shirt with said slogan, it usually means the opposite, so you can interpret that at your will.

Photography 101

Well there you have it. If you were ever in need of photography instructions, this t-shirt is where you head to. We wonder what enticed this lady to put on this t-shirt when she got up this morning. Really have to wonder what was going through her head…hmmm might throw this on in case someone wants to take a selfie with me. We also wonder whether or not someone actually went along with the instructions and attempted to lift her top?

Detailed Report

We wonder if this is some sort of bizarre newspaper heading or even evidence report from the police. Seriously this is one detailed description on an article of clothing. Wonder what kind of character you would have to be to wear this number? Where in the world could you wear it? We are not sure as to any of the answers to these questions, but we know one thing is for sure, this is one crazy clothing fail. If you like this one, keep clicking for more!

Back to School!

There is just no excusing this, and we cannot help but admit that the grammar Nazi in us, is kindly numbing over with dread at just the sight of this t-shirt. What in the world possessed this human being to print out such a grammatically incoherent phrase? We are not even sure what it is meant to say! Why would anybody do this to us? WHY? Be right back, we need to take a quick nap in order to forget we ever laid eyes on this catastrophe.

The Scene

Well, it certainly seems as though this young lad is out and about on a night out, so we are just a little confused as to why he is wearing this t-shirt. He clearly wants to get the news out there for his mates and peers to act responsibly when on a night out and we applaud that. We just think he could have gone about it in a bit of a less morbid fashion. Also, a manicure would help, too. Just saying.

Visa Debit

Well it looks like this man is not working at any of what is on his t-shirt by the look on his face. Mr. Grumpy Guts might be on the prowl, but we are not sure that this article of clothing is going to get him any bonus points with the ladies. At least he is putting out there what it is he is after. Also, can you imagine if one of his kids played a practical joke and told him it was a promo Visa t-shirt?

Therapy Session

Here is another happy customer wearing her heart on her sleeve. Although very fashion forward by the looks of this photo, we can also see from the photograph that Vogue isn’t the only thing in her life with issues. No matter, she has turned her psychological problems into a fashion statement for the world to see. At least she’s owning it. If you love this, you might want to stick around, because there are more hilarious t-shirt fails to follow.

Nirvana Cover Band?

Ohhhh this is just absolute GOLD! We fear that Kurt Cobain is turning in his grave right now. We know it might “smell like teen spirit”, but is Hanson really the new Nirvana cover band? We know that the people in charge of printing made a huge mistake with this one, but this is just hilarious. We love it so much that we actually want one. Anyone know where we can get our hands on this t-shirt? Anyone?

Forever Alone

Wow this looks like the t-shirt of a super spunk that works out daily, has puppies and a kitten and is a qualified brain surgeon. NOT. This t-shirt is virtually advertising the fact that this person will most probably suffer and die a lonely death with no partner, all because they were too busy during their youth to get up from the PlayStation. That is to say, they might be joined by their cat or dog which is evident from the hairs on the t-shirt, so it may not be so lonely after all.


Oh, this is bad. This is so very bad. It is bad like a car crash. You know the one where you know you shouldn’t look, but still, do because you can’t help yourself? We have looked away and looked back about 15 times already. And the broken leg and Up style pusher are just making thing even worse. At least she is representing the state of Utah like a boss. Hang around, we have a few more photos that will crack you up like this one did.

Subway, Eat Fresh

Yes, we know we probably went a little too far with the slogan, but how in the world could the parents of this child let him wear this t-shirt. This screams everything but responsible parenting. Maybe the poor kid just really loves Subway sandwiches, but this is just a prank gone very wrong or the kid is just really out there. In any case, we think this is pretty inappropriate and wrong on so many levels beyond your imagination.

She Loves Me Not

How is this for a promising statement? This young lady is making her stance known to the public and any eligible bachelors as to what her plans are. We love that she is putting her vibes out there to the public, but still cannot help but think she might be selling herself short. Who knows if a potential prince saw her out and about in that t-shirt and changed his mind about approaching her? She’s playing with destiny, that one.

Stating the Obvious

Just in case anyone out there was unclear about what, exactly, it means when you wear a T-shirt with flowers on it, the makers of this article decided to make it really clear. It means you’re wearing an item of clothing that has been decorated with a floral design. Get it? It doesn’t mean you’re a lesbian, it doesn’t make you homophobic or racist, it just means you decided to buy a T-shirt with flowers on it. It’s really simple when you apply your mind and think about it.

Cool as Cats

While it’s been rumored that certain restaurants may serve stray cats even when they say it’s pork on the menu, this T-shirt takes things to a whole new level. In fact, it goes the whole hog. Perhaps this is a new, cheap way of fattening pigs in some parts of the world, or maybe it’s a philosophical take on the extreme intelligence of pigs. More probably, just another really bad translation that leaves most of us scratching our heads in confusion.

Living the High Life

Why bother with trying to find a satisfying and fulfilling career when you could just take drugs and hallucinate about one instead? The great thing about this item of clothing is that it looks like somebody’s grandmother knitted it before handing it over to her friend to get the message across. Add to that the unusual combination of woolly sweater and bow tie, and you’ve really got yourself and unique fashion statement. Let’s face it, you’d need to be on drugs to pull this one off.

Bemusing Triangle

Although it is conceivably triangular in nature, the meaning behind this T-shirt was either lost in the Bermuda Triangle or in translation. Ironically, the United States of America does have a poll of their most hipster cities, but Texas doesn’t make it onto the list. It seems not even Austin has enough vegan stores, microbreweries or tattoo parlors to rank as one of the truly hip places to be. Never mind, for some, just being vaguely triangular in shape is enough to provoke an exclamation of “OMG So Hipster”.

Chocolate: The Sweetest Religion

While some people love chocolate so much, they show an almost religious zeal for the stuff, it seems Jesus probably wasn’t one of them. You definitely wouldn’t want to walk into church wearing this little number. They say the proof is in the pudding but you’re going to struggle to find any evidence that might backup this rather outlandish comment. It does sound vaguely celebratory which might work around Easter time when religion and chocolate do kind of merge, but that’s not really enough to justify it.

Tooth Be Told

This little number is like an entire riddle printed out for your endless entertainment. Ok, the Australian hat makes sense – we all know those are the ones with the corks on. Where he got his tooth from we’ll never know but we can hazard a guess that, if it’s from Australia, then it was probably a crocodile. After that, you’re stuck with some kind of Hokey Pokey maneuver where you don’t know if you’re coming in, going out or turning it all around. At least the next one makes sense.

Big Bieber fans

There is nothing wrong with being a Justin Bieber fan if you’re a 13-year-old girl. However, some people frown on any adults, especially male, becoming Beliebers. These guys knew they were going to get some serious stick for attending a Justin Bieber concert, so decided to prove that they are real men by wearing these t-shirts. Anyway, they’re not saying they’re fans, they’re just saying they respect him. Suuuure. We bet they screamed when he came on stage.

Two guys wearing matching t-shirts that say ‘Real men respect Bieber’

Family Ties

Not only does this T-shirt have real, complete words on it, they are also combined into sentences that make some kind of sense. So, it’s doing pretty well. It even has an important and valid point to make – glue-sniffing is definitely not a constructive way of improving or maintaining family ties. It’s possible, just possible, that the intention was good even though the delivery is lacking a little finesse. Maybe on the front, it says something more motivational, like, “Love is the glue that keeps the family together”.

Let it Be

We all have to aspire to be something and, if you’ve spent most of your life being a doormat, then aiming to become a door is a good place to start. There’s nothing like a good motivational message on an item of clothing that’s so versatile, you can wear it to the gym or on a night out with friends. You could get your friends matching tops with themed messages like “Be Window”, “Be Wall”. You never know, it might be all the rage for next year’s hen parties.

Fine Dining

This lady clears knows what she’s talking about. She’s already 60 if she’s a day and yet she’s out and about making new friends and possibly alienating a few others. Looking at the people in the background, there’s not many of them that could get into the position depicted on her T-shirt or, if they did, they may not live to regret it. Still, there’s something to be said for staying positive and an active sex life can keep you looking and feeling younger. Or so we’ve been told.

You Are, Are You?

There’s nothing like being yourself and just putting your chin up and striding out there, blemishes and all. Nonetheless, we’re pretty certain that this lovely girl isn’t really what she’s claiming to be. Similarly, we’re fairly convinced that, if her parents knew what it said on the front of her dress, they wouldn’t have let her out of the house in it. Someone really should let her know before some smart Alec comes along and takes advantage of the sweet young thing.

Flat Florida

It has been said that everything is flat in Florida, until now. This T shirt may be a fail, but it’s also funny too. For, whilst this girl needs a stronger bra on, she is at least poking fun at herself whilst drawing attention to a couple of big assets that were bestowed on her – naturally or not. Presumably she knew all this before getting dressed in the morning and is not just being funny by chance. Click next to see another T Shirt fail that will make you laugh.

Google It

It seems strange to think of a world now without google, let alone the internet. This T Shirt may only be funny therefore to those that can remember a world where if you did not know something, you asked the world wide web. This man is obviously poking fun at his wife, who for his sake is hopefully able to take a joke. If she can’t take a joke, let’s just hope that she did not set her eyes on her hubby whilst wearing this T shirt.

Old Man Joke

We’ve all had to sit and listen to a totally not funny joke being told by someone who is our elder, so that we just have to ride it out. This T shirt makes fun of that very scenario and makes the reader laugh out loud when it gets to the joke’s true punchline. It is so wonderfully blunt and crass – something that you tend not to expect from an older guy, particularly as making derogatory comments about someone’s mother tends to be a younger generation joke.

Your Bald Spot

When men lose their hair, their bald patch tends to become a bit of a sore point for them. This man turns that, literally, around on its head by starting a joke at his expense, himself. It’s ironic too as the gentleman is probably all too aware that his days as being labelled a sex machine are behind him. This is all the more true given that his T shirt looks like it has not seen the inside of a washing machine for a number of weeks.

Dip Me In Beer

Whilst this shirt may not be very politically correct, it is, at the very least, very honest of the gentleman who is wearing it. It makes his T shirt humorous and light hearted as opposed to being too lecherous of him. He looks like he is proud to wear it too, which is surprising given that he is from an older generation who are more typically seen in smarter apparel. Everyone loves an older guy in a joke T shirt.

Daddy’s Girl

There’s always the first time that a daughter brings home a boy to meet her folks. It’s a first that all fathers hate, especially if the boy really is no good for their precious little girl. This T shirt looks to circumnavigate that problem. It is a modern day version of a chastity belt, by alerting would be suitors of this father’s daughter that if they mess his daughter around, there will be hell to pay. Whether she’s 7 years old or not.

Free Range Human

Whilst it is great to be green and environmentally friendly to the world, this T shirt takes it one further. This gentleman is playing on the fact that he is free and available to date whilst poking fun at those that like their eggs organic amongst the rest of their groceries. It remains to be seen whether his funny T shirt will work however as it is a little more subtle than most shirts that are aimed at attracting women through humor and wit.

Didn’t study English

It’s quite clear that this young lady hasn’t actually attended college, as if she had she would probably know how to spell it. Unless she’s talking about the arts and crafts style of collage? In which case, we totally feel you. We heart collages too. If she is talking about college, then we hope she enrolls in some English classes before she starts higher education, just because you kinda have to know how to spell before you get a degree. We think.

A blonde girl is wearing a t-shirt which says ‘I’ with a love heart and then ‘Collage’