Hollywood & Terrorism In Films

The way terror has taken the entire globe in its grip and incremental in the state, as well as non-state terrorism, has created a new door for Hollywood to portray the facts and figures. Sometimes its shown as witnessed by the people present in terror filled areas, in a more real sense. Sometimes the story is exaggerated and shown special effects to create an impact among the audience. It is portrayed to create alertness among the audience, to remember the martyrs who sacrifice their life while tackling it, to show the strategy that has been applied by the terrorist, to show the different form of terror that can affect the society.

Hollywood & Terrorism In Films

How it has created a new door for Hollywood :

This topic has become the source for different narratives, myths, and different fantasies. Hollywood directors are adding an additional effect to these stories by adding graphical scenes, sound effects, demonization of foreign threats, different costumes etc. Portraying violence in the movie has special demand among the audience and this kind if movies are receiving overwhelming responses. Especially 9/11 attacks have created a new fantasy for the audience which has created a sense of fear among the dwellers in the United State Of America and as it has connected the sentiments of people over there so these type of movies receives a special slot in the US. All sorts of mass destruction, brainwash, weapon production is shown in these types of movie. The Middle East is shown as a place full of horrors, place of origination of terrorists and dark threats. Due to globalization, these have not only impacted Hollywood but the entire cinema industry on this planet. The film Rendition which was released in the year 2007 is a perfect example of how people respond such type of movie with a great response. This movie is associated with terrorism and torture.

Some more movies related to the terrorism

Redacted (2008),  The Bourne Ultimatum (2007), Syriana (2005), The Kingdom (2007), Good night and good luck, War of the worlds (2005), The dark knight(2008), Iron Man (2008) etc. These movies belong to various generic category surveillance, action, and thrillers, allegorical accounts, histories, techno-thriller, comedy, and drama.  These films have also played an important role in the image making and to show the ideas about global politics and history.

Hollywood & Terrorism In Films

Movies are not all about terror

So movie depicting the scene is not only about terror, terror and only terror but also show the geopolitics, culture of a place, the reason behind the rising violence, the background of the main terrorist. To add spices to the movie even different kind of stories such as criminals personal life of having his relations with girls are also shown. Different type of cultures are shown and how the spy amalgamates into the other culture. These things are presenting a great source of knowledge, curiosity, awareness, and alertness among us and kudos to the corporate globalization that it can reach easily to the viewers all over the globe.