Hollywood’s History In Chronological Order

The presentation of motion picture started in the later part of the 1800th. It started with the invention of motion toys that were designed to trick the audience into thinking they are seeing motion. These toys include the Thaumatrope motion toy and the Zoetrope toy. It was not until 1872 when Edward Muybridge created the first motion picture. He did this with the aid of twelve cameras and a field of the racehorse. He placed the cameras in a position where they would be able to take pictures of the horse in quick succession.

The birth of motion photography

In 1885, George Eastman and William H. Walker invented the very first motion photography. His contributed highly to motion picture advancement. Not long after Auguste Lumiere and his brother Louis Lumiere developed the very first cinematography machine that was able to not only capture pictures but all project them in a form similar to the motion picture.

Early 1900s

It was not until early 1900 the industry began to flourish. It was around this time the profession of movie star started blooming. The industry grew and so did the popularity of Hollywood. It became a cultural icon in the midst of LA. This is where movie studios were first built. Some of the pioneers of movie studios include Warner Bros, RKO, Metro Goldwin Meyer, 20th Century Fox, and Paramount. Each studio created their own sets and studios.

The glory years of Hollywood

Early 1900 is considered as the glory age of Hollywood. It was around this time when sound and music was introduced to films. This created new genres like action, comedies, musical, documentaries, social films, westerns, and ghost films. The audio in films created a new dynamic. The film industry suffered immensely in the 1940s due to the Pearl Harbor attack. With the tech advancements in special effects and great audio recording quality. It was around this time they start making color films.

There was an increase in productivity from almost all industries in the US after the Second World War. Hollywood was a basis for propaganda and awareness of things needed in the time of war. In 1946 attendance and profits were at the highest.

Successful Hollywood

Hollywood has seen nothing but success from a long time. A change in demographics also created a change in the target market of the film industry. Hollywood started making movies targeting the youth of America. It was around this time the type of movies made changed. This was the era that gave rise to most of the movie genres that we have grown so accustomed to. Hollywood lost a lot of revenue when the television set was invented. There was a decrease in the number of attendees that were visiting the movie theaters.

Hollywood has been a place that has created many very successful and famous people. It has seen success for as long as it has existed. Since the first studio, there has been many in Hollywood that have been successful and created many successful motion pictures. It also created many world-famous directors and movie stars.