Societal Impact of Hollywood Movies

Hollywood has long been an integral part of the American society and culture. With globalization, Hollywood has come to be internalized in other parts of the world. Movies and stars are a very influential medium and they have a profound impact on the society and its shaping up. The article discussed both the positive and negative effects of Hollywood movies on the society. 

Positive Impact of Hollywood Movies

Movies have always been a source of entertainment and a means of unwinding for the masses. The movies have an entertainment value and it allows the common people with entertainment and relaxation. It also holds the family and the society together as they quite frequently bond over movies.  A society without entertainment and movies would be difficult to imagine for most.

Hollywood has been an important contributor to the US economy. It is valued approximately at $754 billion which makes it one of the largest entertainment industries in the world. It also creates employment for the locals and boosts the American economy. Hollywood has always provided positive role models for the youth to idolize. The youth look up to these role models and try to become like them. With the variety of movies being made on different topics, the movies also help the average person become aware of the various themes on which the movies are made. Movies made on foreign cultures and history provide insights into those culture to the common people and makes them more accepting and tolerant towards other cultures.

Hollywood has also contributed towards uniting the society during difficult times. The movies made after World War II, depicting the heroic adventures of the Americans received critical acclaim from the society and helped in united the society as one. Apart from being just a source of entertainment, the movies also act as a common platform to bring the different members of the family together and keep them glued with one another.

Negative Impact of Hollywood Movies

Hollywood movies have affected the society in some negative ways also. These movies glorify violence, sex, and other social evils in a way that the youth starts to identify themselves with these acts. Adolescents who see their role models engaging in such behavior on the screen tend to justify such acts in real life and think of it as morally correct. The movies also have tones of racial discrimination in them, which further gets imbibed in the psychology of young adults. In some movies, other countries and societies are depicted as immoral and evil and the youth start to have the same image of the country being depicted without verifying the facts. This leads to a distorted perception of the world which can be harmful in the long run.

Hollywood is a very powerful medium worldwide for influencing people’s psychology and opinions. Hence, it is their responsibility as well to ensure that they do not promote anti-social behavior and endorse only positive and socially acceptable norms. Hollywood can really influence the world in a positive manner and bring about considerable positive changes in the global society.