Once Upon A Time In Hollywood: Tarantino’s Return

This so-called “”outrageously brilliant”” film has far much gone beyond the expectations to not only draw comparisons to Tarantino’s 90s pop culture but also receive wonderful praises from critics. Once Upon a Time is clearly a super film and here are six quick talking points from the reviews.

DiCaprio embodies Rick Dalton who is a failure in cowboy acting on top of being an alcoholic. Brad Pitt comes in handy to bring Cliff Boon-Rick’s best friend to life. The most high-profile pair in Hollywood are said to perform excellently according to The Hollywood Reporter. We should be expecting nothing less than a remake of either The Sting and Butch Cassidy or The Sundance Kid, two classic films that were made by both Robert Redford and Paul Newman.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood: Tarantino’s Return

Director Roman Polanski is played by Rafal Zawierucha while Margot Robbie embodies his wife Sharon Tate in the months just before her malicious murdering by the Manson Family. This is classic Hollywood playing itself on the big screen and people are going to love it.
Here’s the list of the other notable portrayals;
Steve McQueen (Damian Lewis)
Burt Reynolds (DiCaprio’s fictional character Dalton is attributed to him on the basis of variety)
Charles Manson (James Mardsen and Damon Herriman)
Lena Dunham (a Manson Family member)
Bruce Lee (Mike Moh)
Mama Cass (Rachel Redleaf)
Lynette Fromme who is a Manson disciple who later on attempted to assassinate US President Gerald Ford (Dakota Fanning)

Speculation had mounted that the film would specifically major on the murderous impact of cult leader Charles Manson on Hollywood. This happened prior to the film’s release. Charles Manson and his followers, the Manson Family, in 1969 killed nine people with the inclusion of Tate who was at the brink of giving birth, when these savage acts were taking place, Polanski was busy filming abroad. The Manson murders are only just a part of the overall story.

Scrawled with Tate’s blood on the home’s front door was the name “”PIG””. This was done by none other than Susan Atkins after stabbing the innocent actress to death despite being just a young Manson’s follower.

The murderers succeeded in sending a ripple of shock waves all through the US film industry. However, not the bloodshed nor the shock and terror is the main focus on Manson’s song which features in the soundtrack of the film. In fact, the way it is outrageously played out on screen remains enigmatic. On the other hand, we think you should take a different approach concerning the tragedy. We suggests delicate handling as the best option.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood: Tarantino’s Return

Over the past 30 years, hawk-eyed followers of Tarantino’s work have come to realize that feet feature is prominent in his films. When you think of the aforementioned Inglorious Basterds’ where Hans Landa verifies a shoe that was found at the scene of a shootout which was that of actress Bridget von Hammersmack, the camera is focusing on her bare foot.
Is this supposed to be a foot fetish or probably an in-joke? The reason remains quite unclear. However, he has yet to confirm or deny this foot-fetish.