Movies That Re-Invented Their Genres

There are movies that simply came out and completely revamped their genre. The way we categorized movies and the way the audiences react to films. Some genres start to die or are completely unknown until a movie completely reinvents that genre.Sometimes it can happen through creating a new, modern remake of a once-popular movie then adding in today’s technology of artistic visualization.Here are a few of those movies we have all heard about that broke the cycle of boring movies and added a spark to their genre.

Star wars

Science fiction was pretty dead it didn’t really have anything good going for it.This movie gets put in the science fiction category it had such a cinematic landscape to it.Science fiction movies tend to be fantastic, and everyone sits on the edge of their seat. Star Wars was one of those movies that made the producer rich and changed the whole movie industry. It re-created the science fiction genre.Star Wars brought in new life for what type of movies Hollywood could make. Star Wars brought in merchandise from kid’s toys, clothing, doona cover designs and the light saber toy which took off like a hit.Every kid had to have a lightsaber not only little, but older kids through to adults had to have their own lightsaber. Even today Star Wars are still up there with merchandise still selling like hot cakes, and some items are worth a lot of money.

The latest movie to come out had people lined up camping at their spot to guarantee they are first in to see the movie. Merchandise sold off the shelves quickly leaving people willing to pay more for items if they could find someone to sell. Hollywood gained more money, more inspiration to re-create the science fiction genre after the release of Star Wars.

Toy Story

Toy story landed itself into the animation genre the first ever toy story was a concept that grasped the audience like nothing they had ever seen before. This movie was where technology grew, and it took so many teams of skillful people to bring this computer animation to life.After toy story grew and was so popular again with the sales of merchandise as well, it seemed to have brought the animation genre back to life.This movie unearthed computer-generated imagery, so audiences could see animation in a completely different view. Since toy story many more animation movies have erupted especially for children that just brings their imagination of tv to life.


Scream comes in next sitting in the horror genre. We all know of scream, and most of us would have seen it. When this first came out, it completely reinvented the horror genre. Even people who were non-horror fans were drawn into this movie and believe it or not actually had an educational impact on the viewers by raising awareness.The horror genre had been opened, and producers took advantage of this with the rise of Leslie Vernon, cabin of the woods and all the rest that followed on from this movie.