Not Marvel, Not DC, Upcoming Superhero Movies of 2019

The superhero genre blew up since Marvel introduced Iron Man which started its cinematic universe, and although there have been superhero movies prior to it, it was this that marked the start of interconnected movies. Now they are in their 11th year, and it just got better.

This has not intimidated other companies though. DC has been trying, and they have been doing better in recent movies. However, the comic book movie industry is not limited to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and the DCEU. There are other note-worthy studio companies that are dipping their toes into this genre, and we will be having a look at some of them.

Not Marvel, Not DC, Upcoming Superhero Movies of 2019

1. Hellboy

A remake of the Hellboy that has long passed. This one stars David Harbour, Jim Hopper from Stranger Things, as Hellboy, who the audiences will be following as he lives a life caught between the supernatural and the world of humans.

This Hellboy was supposed to be the third iteration of the previous two. However, when Guillermo del Toro was not going to be credited as a writer-director, Ron Perlman, the first one to play the part, refused to play the character.

They ended up hiring Neil Marshall who decided to make the movie R-Rated which was going to take inspiration from the comic book, Darkness Calls, The Wild Hunt, and The Storm and the Fury.

2. Dark Phoenix

Another installment to Sony’s X-Men franchise. Most of the actors and actresses from the recent X-Men movies are back, but they are facing their biggest threat yet so far – one of their own.

We will see Jean Grey transform into the Dark Phoenix which was triggered by a cosmic force that made her more powerful than the entire team combined. It will be a movie about saving her while at the same time, battling foes that seek to control her power to take over the universe.

As their executive say, “The perfect send off for X-Men”. Hopefully, it is done right.

Not Marvel, Not DC, Upcoming Superhero Movies of 2019

3. The New Mutants

A long-delayed outing of spin-off characters from the X-Men. It has finally been revealed to be released on August 2 (hopefully). It has been a year coming, and we are finally almost there.

The movie will be set as a thriller-horror (which caused so much of the delays) about teenage mutants who are trying to get a hold of their newly found powers. Trouble is, they are kept in a secret facility where they are forced to stay and forced to do experiments that they may not have signed for.

Most of you would think though that two of these movies are still under Marvel, and you are correct. The only difference is, these are not made by Marvel, nor are these movies part of their cinematic universe. It is owned by Fox and might be the last ones they will be making especially with Disney taking the movie rights of their mutant characters back.

God knows what will become of the MCU now that they have their big team names ensemble back together. It is going to get bigger, no doubt. But before that, we have these three and a whole plethora of MCU and DCEU goodness to look forward to this year.