Richest Directors In Hollywood

Classic blockbusters like the Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Titanic brought huge money not only to film companies but also directors. You can evaluate the welfare of such great directors as George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and James Cameron to see this. We bring you a list of the TOP 10 richest Hollywood directors today.

Tyler Perry – $ 450 million
This is an American actor, director, playwright, screenwriter, producer, and entrepreneur. In 2006, he founded his own film studio, Tyler Perry Studios, where he shoots his films and television series. His 13 best-known films collected more than $ 600 million dollars at the box office, although the production of each of them cost less than $ 10 million. Today, his fortune is $ 450 million.

 Peter Jackson – $ 450 million
After the release of the trilogy “The Lord of the Rings” on screens, Jackson became a world-famous director. From this point on, his career went sky high, because he is not just a talented director, but also a screenwriter and producer. He also participated in the creation of the Hobbit trilogy, which is a prequel to his previous hit. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Peter Jackson is as rich as he is very talented. His fortune is estimated at $ 450 million.

James Cameron – $ 700 million
Two of the highest-grossing films in history – “Titanic” and “Avatar” – were shot by Cameron, so it is not surprising that his fortune is in the billions. Although, in the list of the richest he takes only a third place. In addition, Cameron had many other successful projects, such as Terminator and Alien. His films poured heavily on the development of cinema, both technically and artistically. Today, James Cameron is the owner of many awards and fortunes of $ 700 million.

 Steven Spielberg – $ 3.5 billion
He is not just the most famous American director, but also a successful financial tycoon. Some even say that Spielberg was the co-founder of Dream Works Studios. The films “Schindler’s List”, “Jaws”, “Alien”, as well as the super-hits “Indiana Jones” and “Jurassic Park” after their release on the screens received worldwide fame. According to the total collection of paintings, Spielberg ranks first in the world. Steven Spielberg’s capital today is $ 3.5 billion.

George Lucas – $ 5.4 billion
Lucas has long been listed in the list of the richest and most influential directors in the world. And he is not only a great director but also a talented screenwriter and producer. It’s no secret that the Star Wars franchise made Lucas a very rich man, collecting about $ 5 billion worldwide. But what brought his present state of Lucas: On October 30, 2012, the director announced that he was selling Lucasfilm to The Walt Disney Company for a fabulous $ 4 billion. George Lucas owned all 100% of his company, which means that all the profits from the sale went into his own pocket. At one point, its capital has more than doubled from $ 1.4 billion to $ 5.4 billion.