Risk & Originality In Hollywood

The Hollywood industry filmmakers have had inner battles with their work. Filmmakers look at two side-  producing brand-new ideas and being creative with  new movie concepts  or sticking to ideas that have been tested and proven meaning they are safe. Most of the film industry players in Hollywood have been playing it safe expounding with movie concepts. Very few film directors are taking the risky path of coming up with brilliant new ideas that have never been explored.

Why they are not taking risks?

Taking risks is a high gamble especially when it is huge sums invested. Like any other business, Hollywood film makers are in it to make profits as much as entertaining their viewers is on top of their priority list. Having to pick between a totally new concept which has never been seen before or going with an idea that exists and has been successful most filmmakers are opting to do superhero movies, sequels, film series and remakes. Most of the movies that have been released in the recent past have been films revolving around other films that were big box office hits. Concepts which people are familiar with and that were well received have made filmmakers stick to comfort zones that they discovered or were discovered by their predecessors.

In 2018, some of the biggest movies released are remakes, reboots or sequels. Top of the list has to be Blank Panther, released in February it has surpassed all of Marvel’s superhero movies with its anticipation showing with the number of ticket pre-sales it made. Denzel Washington’s Equalizer 2 was another highly anticipated movie for 2018. Going with the success of Equalizer which was released in 2014, the directors decided the action-packed movie was a success and followed it up with the second series four years later.

Fifty Shades Freed the last series of the Fifty Shades trilogy is another example of how the filmmakers are revolving around ideas and concepts that have been well received by the intended audience.
Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation from the film series Hotel Transylvania first released in 2012 raked in an estimated $358 million at the box office from an investment of around $85 million proved to be marketable. The second sequel following up in 2015 went ahead to perform better from an estimated budget of $80 million it made $473 million at the box office.
Business being the core of the film industry it is understandable why most of the new movies are reboots, remakes, sequels, superhero movies or film series. Coming up with a whole new concept is expensive compared to working on a concept that existed and was successful in the box office.

Strained budgets availed for some of the filmmakers makes it difficult for writers, directors and producers to explore new ideas and come up with unique movie concepts.
This trend is expected to continue since film fanatics are loving the remakes, the reboots, and sequels which in turn makes ticket sales high because of anticipation and popularity.