Why There Should Be A Sequel For ‘Alita: Battle Angel’

Warning: This article contains spoilers for ‘Alita: Battle Angel’. If you have not seen the movie, you probably should do that before you read this.

This movie may not have done much at the box office but it has made over $400 million worldwide and overall, the profitability is great. Granted, there was a lot of hype with James Cameron’s name being attached to it and everything, it may not have lived up to the Cameron name but it did well for itself. It could balloon into an entire universe of exquisite films. So, here are the reasons why a sequel should be in the works.

Why There Should Be A Sequel For ‘Alita: Battle Angel’

People Want Alita 2

They may not have enjoyed the super-sized blockbuster success that the Marvel films are currently enjoying but, Alita really did put in the effort. It has already gained a cult-like following who want to see more from this and new converts will no doubt get in on this frenzied fan base.

Selling Sequels Is Easy

Sequels are an easier sell because of the exposure that new material like this gets when it hits the home video market. There were a few people who had read the manga comics and knew who she was but most of the moviegoers did not have this background. However, sequels are never a hard sell when people who had no idea that this was a potentially amazing film have seen them. The hit should be meteoric after this because she will be well known by then.

The Alita Universe is Huge

When you have an amazing script from James Cameron and Laeta Kalogridis and the work of John Landau, the world that they have built in the movie is amazing. We are only getting the glimpse when we watch this first movie. We have now learnt that it is only one, of the several metropolis that exist in this universe. This is a great concept that is not easy to shoot down and there is a very good chance that a franchise will come out of it.

The Sequel Has Attracted A-Listers

The talent that this movie has attracted is admirable, to say the least. From Christoph Waltz to Mahershala Ali and Jennifer Connolly, the sequel has attracted attention among A-listers who would like to star in a world that is based on a manga comic. That alone is enough to qualify this movie.

Lower Production and Marketing Costs

The blending of practical effects on built sets and VFX can save this series a lot of money because they will already have the sets that they need. They have not been decommissioned and Robert Rodriguez kept everything as it was. Going back to a world that has already been built will not be hard. They might decide to do something different and bigger and that is admirable in itself but they will still save money this way.

Why There Should Be A Sequel For ‘Alita: Battle Angel’

There is a Cliffhanger

They did not just wrap up, they also had a cliffhanger that we will not talk about because you just have to see the movie to get how good it was. Will she return to Zalem for another fight? Who knows? Only time will tell because that cliffhanger has to be taken care of.