Stand Out Directors In Hollywood

There are a lot of people who work in Hollywood. There are a lot of people who work in movies. It is not easy to make a movie and you need the right staff to make a great one. Many people only think about the actors when they think about the making of a movie but regardless of how good an actor is, them alone will never be able to make a great movie. You need the expertise of a production team including a good director. There are many good directors in Hollywood but thy all don’t get the same pay for the movies they do.

Steven Spielberg
When you talk about great movie directors you have to mention Steven Spielberg. He has directed many classics like ‘Jaws’ and ‘Jurassic Park’. He makes the most money as a director among all his peers. He was born in Ohio and went to school in California. He has done many pictures and some have been blocking busters at the box office.

Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson is another name that is synonymous with directing great movies. This director is from New Zealand and is worth over three hundred million dollars. Not all the movies that he has directed has been block busters but he does have hits. He his mostly known for movies like The Lord of the Rings and King Kong.

James Cameron
The Canadian James Cameron is a very famous director. He started directing in the early eighties and is responsible for many blockbuster movies. He is responsible for movies like, The Terminator, Titanic, True Lies, Avatar and many other hit movies.

Michael Bay
Michael Bay is a native of Los Angeles that attended Wesleyan University. His career started right around the time he left collage. He started his career directing music videos and commercials. He has also had much success in action thrillers and such in his career. He is the mind behind Bad Boys, Pearl Harbor and transformers.

Christopher Nolan
Christophe Nolan has had a very successful career in the movie industry. This Londoner began his career in the late eighties after his stretch in the University of London. Nolan got famous doing the Batman franchise.

David Yates
David Yates is from England and he made his first film in 1988. The first movie he did entitled ‘When I was a Girl’ was a major reason he was accepted by the National Film and TV school. David is the director of the Harry Potter franchises.
Robert Zemeckis

Robert Zemeckis is a sixty-four-year-old who has been in the movie making industry since the early seventies. The first movie he made when he was in university go him an award. He attended the Southern California University and the name of his first movie was ‘A Field of Honor’. Zemeckis took Spielberg as his mentor and has had his share of block busters in his career. He is responsible for movies like Back to the Future, Cast Away, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Forrest Gump. There are many Hollywood directors but not all are able to make block buster hits.